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Scientology: wanted -- fact

Title: Scientology: wanted -- fact
Date: Sunday, 4 August 1968
Publisher: The Observer (London, UK)
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THE case of the Scientologists raises a very prickly issue. On the one hand, it is difficult to fault the verdict of Mr Kenneth Robinson, the Minister of Health, that the cult is 'socially harmful.' On the other hand, the Government's decision to ban followers of the cult from entry into Britain does raise a very basic issue: should moral and social disapproval be translated into executive action?

In each and every case, the damage done to the principle of freedom of association has to be weighed against the damage done to individuals or to society by the particular sect or movement concerned. In short, everything depends on the merits of the specific case.

Hence the overriding importance of having available the evidence about the Scientologists' activities. It is therefore essential that Mr Robinson should now publish the 'considerable body of evidence' that he says his Ministry has collected.