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Scientology gives refunds: spokesperson

Title: Scientology gives refunds: spokesperson
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009
Publisher: Channel 7 (Australia)
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Scientology offers refunds to people who leave the group, a spokesperson told Sunrise this morning.

Scientologist Virginia Stewart appeared on Sunrise today to further defend the Church of Scientology against the allegations made in parliament by Independent Senator Nick Xenophon.

"It's very shocking to me to hear what they're saying," Stewart said of the allegations aired on Today Tonight on Wednesday evening.

"The points that they raise, we are going to individually take up."

"We will be addressing these in full," she said, reiterating that the Church will cooperate with the police on any investigation.

"I absolutely.. other statements he said, I categorically know we don't do those things in my church.

One former member admits to torture and blackmail, said Sunrise host David Koch.

"If he did that it's news to me."

"He alleges a child abuse cover up in the eighties," said Kochie.

"Absolutely not," replied Stewart. "There was an instance and I absolutely can deny that."

It has also been claimed by one man that he and his wife spent more than one million dollars and that the Church made concerted efforts made to extract as much money as possible.

Stewart explaind that the way the church is funded is "to take a course or take religious counselling."

"But we've also given him quite a substantial amount of money in return," said Stewart.

"A refund?" asked Koch. "Yes," replied Stewart.

Stewart concluded the interview saying the allegations are both unfounded and lack real investigation.
"[Senator] Xenophon is flying right in the face of the full bench of the high court."

"I can assure you there has been no decent inspection into Scientology."