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They mustn't be too warm in bed

Title: They mustn't be too warm in bed
Date: Friday, 8 April 1960
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I HEAR that Dr. Ron Hubbard has conducted an experiment at East Grinstead, Sussex, which shows that plants differ in their reaction to the temperature of the soil in which they are growing, despite the benefits of undersoll heated watering he described in G.N. Feb. 26.

In one bed heated water, supplied from the bottom, produced a soil temperature of 85 degrees F. In this was sown a telegraph cucumber, sweet corn, water melon, and tomato plants.

In a second bed water was supplied in the same way. But the soil temperature was regulated to remain at about 65 degrees F. The same plants were sown.

The tomato distinctly preferred the hotter soil, in common with the water melon, but the cucumber and sweet corn grew well above average in the lower temperature soil.

In the hotter bed the cucumber proved to be more susceptible to disease, and in the cooler soil the water melon died after only a few weeks.

In both cases the air temperature of the greenhouse was 70 degrees F., and the water was heated by immersion heaters employing a thermostat control. The beds consisted of a concrete base, three inches of gravel covered by ten inches of soil.