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Asks Dr. Hubbard

Title: Asks Dr. Hubbard
Date: Sunday, 1 July 1962
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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WEALTHY Dr. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, the "Father of Scientology" is applying to East Grinstead Urban Council for permission to build a 75-room administration centre on grounds remote from his manor house home at Saint Hill.

The move follows a confidential request from the council urging him to apply for planning permission to regularise use of the manor for office and research work. At present it is only scheduled for private residential use.

In the meantime, some traders in the town have received a letter from Dr. Hubbard calling on their support. It asks: "Would you do us a favour? . . . please contact your council member and ask him to hasten our permission for construction?

"lt means more income for East Grinstead, more jobs, and higher pay for everyone."

At Saint Hill, registered as the Hubbard Communications Office, headquarters of his world-wide organisation, Dr. Hubbard claims that "several problems in in the field of human science have been solved."

Your right

As a result of experiments on plants and living energies, they have, amongst other things, been able to "consistently reduce the physiological age of an older person as much as twenty years."

Dr. Hubbard adds: "We had not announced anything on this to the Press as we are already overworked by the enthusiasm in centres of the world for discoveries such as these. But we wanted you as a friend to be aware of this, and consider you have the right as one of our neighbours in East Grinstead to know what is happening here.

"Because of visitors, observers and students, and [?] various expenditures. Saint Hill pours £50,000 of new money every year into the East Grinstead community. [?]