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Millionaire in Bumi Hills hotel deal [article incomplete]

Title: Millionaire in Bumi Hills hotel deal [article incomplete]
Date: Sunday, 22 May 1966
Publisher: Sunday Mail Reporter (Rhodesia)
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AMERICAN millionaire financier L. Ron Hubbard, the man who [?] the controversial scientology movement, has moved into Rodhesia, has settled in a luxurious house in Salisbury and last week he [?] through his first business deal in this country.

With two local business men, Mr. Aubrey Davies, a garage owner, and Mr. John Plagis, a property owner, he bought the Bumi Hills Hotel at Kariba by private treaty.

A week earlier the highest bid for the hotel at an auction sale was £5,250, but the liquidator of the company, Mr. Roy Woodnutt, reserved his decision whether to accept the bid for [?]0 days.

Yesterday Mr. Hubbard saud: "We have bought the property lock, stock and barrel, and the hotel will remain open. We are confident that the C.A.A. flights to the resort will be resumed soon."

The deal was rushed through in 36 hours, and today Mr. Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, and the new company's agent will fly to Bumi Hills to inspect the hotel. A manager is being selected in Salisbury.

Mr. Hubbard was told by his doctor to leave Britain in January after his third attack of pneumonia. He left his stately home and 55-acre estate at East Grinstead in Sussex—the previous owner was the Maharajah of Jaipur—to settle in Johannesburg, where he has an office.

But on the way he decided to pay his first visit to Rhodesia. "I took one look at this country with the wide open spaces and climate to beat all climates and stopped right here.

"I am really supposed to be on vacation, but I have had so many invitations to invest in businesses here and this country is so starved of finance that I have become intrigued.

"If money can be pumped into the Rhodesian economy it doesn't matter what happens on the international scene. This country will survive.

"The real danger is an internal slow-down and lack of finance."

Mr. Hubbard said he was opening a branch of the international holding company he set up to control his investments, Hubbard Communications Office, in Salisbury.


He has issued a circular setting out investment possibilities in Rhodesia to a few local industrialists and business men. "I want to get their [?] to my observations in case there are any incorrect impressions before I [?] it overseas," he said. "This has never really been pushed in Rhodesia.

"I am still an officer of the corporation that administers the movement, but it is very largely autonomous now."

Mr. John Kennedy, who "pioneered" scientology in Rhodesia was quoted as saying several years ago "Scien- [rest of the article missing]