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Letters // Scientology should not be lauded for maintaining its own property

Title: Letters // Scientology should not be lauded for maintaining its own property
Date: Saturday, 1 November 1980
Publisher: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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In the last few years the Scientologists have dumbfounded me again and again with their incredible attitude on numerous things. Again they are attempting to stretch a story to make their organization look like a benign, kindly angel in the City of Clearwater.

I refer to your Clearwater Times edition of Oct. 22, a story entitled "Scientologists announce plan to help community," complete with artist's rendering of proposed facelift for the former Bank of Clearwater building purchased by the Scientologists in 1975, and many self-serving statements of Ken Whitman.

Ken Whitman apparently thinks Scientology should be lauded by the community for maintaining property it owns. Isn't that an obligation of any property owner? Does any other property owner have taxes forgiven because of necessary roof repair and necessary building painting?

Ken Whitman is apparently trying to create the impression that Scientology would put planters in front at the building as part of the "beautification" program. Were the planters not there when the building was purchased by them? Have they not stood empty?

Is it not possible for Scientologists to do things in a direct, above board way? Wherein do they think lies the magic of swimming upsteam all the time and trying to take over the City of Clearwater by subterfuge?