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Four Ontario Cabinet ministers named in suit by Scientologists

Title: Four Ontario Cabinet ministers named in suit by Scientologists
Date: Monday, 9 June 1980
Publisher: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Author: John Marshall
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Toronto ON — Four Ontario Cabinet ministers and a former minister have been accused in a lawsuit of a conspiracy "to bring about the demise" of the Church of Scientology of Toronto.

The controversial cult claims that the ministers and others, including the Ontario Provincial Police and the Metro Toronto police, have violated its constitutional rights to freedom of religion, speech and assembly.

Among actions cited as harassment is the provincial inquiry, headed by Daniel Hill, into the practices of cults, Scientology included. His report is expected soon. The lawsuit, which seeks damages, includes a request for injunctions to prevent such actions by the Government. If granted, they could prevent or delay publication of the report.

The Toronto organization and joint plaintiff Michael Lewis, once on its executive board, say the conspiracy also included the "virulent attack" on Scientology in the report of a provincial committee on the healing arts set up in 1966.

The writ also complains of provincial and Metro police investigations of their activities dating back to 1968.

A new and expanded statement of claim in the case was filed last week by the plaintiffs' lawyer, Howard Kerbel. Last month, Madam Justice Janet Boland of the Supreme Court of Ontario ordered that the previous statement of claim be struck out, and that if a new one was not filed in 25 days the action would be dismissed.

The ruling was in response to a motion by Crown lawyer T. H. Wickett asking for a dismissal of the action in part because the claims were " frivolous and vexatious." Ministers named in the suit filed against the Queen in the right of the province of Ontario are Roy McMurtry, Larry Grossman, Thomas Wells, Dennis Timbrell and former Cabinet minister George Kerr.

Among other things, the suit alleges that Mr. Lewis was deprived of his right to practice a religion of his choosing.

When the writ was issued in 1978 he was president of the Toronto organization. He is no longer on the board nor on the staff. In an interview Thursday, R. G. Rockl, national director of public affairs, said Mr. Lewis is still a member "as far as I know."