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Church of Scientology [Letter]

Title: Church of Scientology [Letter]
Date: Saturday, 23 February 1980
Publisher: Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Once again The Globe and Mail has published a most one-sided series on Scientology (The Scientology Papers - Jan. 22 et seq).

I hope you will show your usual journalistic fairness in preparing another series by a different writer which explores such matters as: why Scientology has enjoyed such a phenomenal growth rate; what persons who have received Scientology services say of those services; why the Church of Scientology has apparently resorted to clandestine activities such as infiltration and wiretapping; and who the enemies of Scientology are and what their motives are.

No hint appears in the articles of John Marshall that there is any other side, that there has been a long-term conspiracy against Scientology as documented in the book, The Hidden Story of Scientology by American journalist Omar Garrison. Mr. Garrison, incidentally, is not to my knowledge a Scientologist; at the time he wrote the book he certainly was not.

Michael Blagg
Aylmer, Que.