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The little paper that could... Did!

Title: The little paper that could... Did!
Date: Thursday, 24 May 1990
Publisher: Newkirk Herald Journal (Oklahoma)
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We believe that a community newspaper should do more than entertain and make money. A community newspaper has an obligation to inform, warn, preach, and plead for what is good for the town it serves.

Sometimes the stories are tough to cover. Sometimes even frightening. Sometimes they make people angry. Sometimes they are dull. Sometimes it means exposing the warts on our community nose. And, of course, once in awhile the stories we run happen to be fun and entertaining.

But we hope they always make you think. And where necessary, act.

Our name is on the State Legislature's Concurrent Commendation Resolution reprinted on this page. But it would never have happened if our readers had not reacted to our coverage of the Narconon-Chilocco story. It should also have your name on it. Every one of you! We couldn't have done it without you.

[Scans of a resolution "... commending Mr. Bob Lobsinger ..."]

[Picture / Caption: NEWKIRK HERALD JOURNAL Publishers Bob and Sue Lobsinger at the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, in Oklahoma City on March 8, 1990, receiving congratulations from State Representative Jim Reese.]