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Letters to the Editor // Slamming Scientology

Title: Letters to the Editor // Slamming Scientology
Date: Friday, 29 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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You have received letters from persons identifying themselves as Scientologists by stating so or by the content of the letters.

The Scientologists would have us believe that they offer courses designed to improve their students' thinking processes and self-images.

Apparently they try to do this as well as expand intellectual horizons and establish positive thinking.

They also claim to be a "church," but do not seem to publicize exactly what their practice does.

Their letters to you are in reaction to news stories and editorials. In none of them do I find any evidence of a reference to a "Supreme Being." Instead of turning the other cheek, they start a lawsuit. Neither do their letters point to any positive intellectual or thought improvement.