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Marmora and Lake Dec 02/2002 6:30 P.M. // Adopted minutes of Dec 02/2002

Title: Marmora and Lake Dec 02/2002 6:30 P.M. // Adopted minutes of Dec 02/2002
Date: Monday, 2 December 2002
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The By-law proposes THAT, BY-LAW 18/81 be and the same is hereby amended by By-law 2002-23 which will amend the zone category of approximately 2.26 acres in Lot 6 Concession 3, 21R3738 P1, Roll 141-010-17400, 102513 Highway 7 from C1, Highway Commercial, to C1-S, Highway Commercial Site Specific to allow a Motel which includes a drug free, drug rehabilitation, detoxification, education, training centre, (the program is residential whereby students are provided boarding/lodging under supervision from the staff), and the infrastructure suitable for the above classification.

The Chair advised that attendees will be allowed to speak in favour and in opposition to the by-law and that a recorded vote will be held on the by-law.

Those in favour of the rezoning were asked to come to the podium, identify themselves, and address council. Names were given verbally, name spellings are based on phonetics, and the titles are those given by the speakers. There were approximately 130 people in attendance.


PENNY LUTHRA, director of NARCONON Marmora, presented a video on Scientology, NARCONON and the CHEX TV news report.

AL BUTTNOR, Director of Scientology spoke about the Planning Act, how the use was similar to existing, presented a package on Native Mens Residence, a San Diego facility, showed pictures of the facilities and discussed the level of intolerance.

DEVINDER LUTHRA, owner of the subject Motel, a Sikh, not a Scientologist, and a NARCONON director explained his goal of buying the motel and opening a NARCONON to help addicts in a supervised environment.

ROBERT HILL, a friend of Devinder and a Scientologist spoke on prejudice and ethics.

JULIAN HAY, a resident of Toronto, Scientologist and NARCONON graduate spoke about the program reducing drug use and repelling dealers, the Scientology relationship and the self-contained aspect of a NARCONON site as observed in eighty other locations.

BRAD MELNYCHUK, director of ABLE, explained his affiliations and that the program reduces drug use and NARCONON offers addiction prevention programs.

GLEN DOE, a member of NARCONON and CRIMANON spoke of his belief in both programs.

SHEILA CAIRNS, a local resident and RN felt the area already has drug problems and wanted everyone to focus on the planning issues.

ROD IRWIN, a NARCONON program graduate of Trois Rivieres and worker, spoke of intimidation of those who might express support and voiced his belief in the success of the program.

Deputy Reeve Clemens asked if there were any further presentations in support and there were none.