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Letters // The miracles of Scientology?

Title: Letters // The miracles of Scientology?
Date: Monday, 19 June 1995
Publisher: New York Magazine
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DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT HATE IS OUT? I would think that as a magazine so into the "in thing" to do, you would keep your prejudices to yourself ["Intelligencer: Next: A Dianetics Theme Restaurant?," May 8]. The Hard Copy piece got it right: The negative labeling of religious groups like Scientology is bias. And having the Cult Awareness Network comment on any religion would have been akin to having the KKK discuss the benefits of black people. If you had any idea of the breadth of what Scientology is daily giving New Yorkers—repaired marriages, the ability to communicate better, freedom from gripping fear, drug-free lives, rejuvenated goals, restored creativity, just to name a few things—you would have been clamoring for more information instead of seething that we got a couple of good mentions.

Cheryl Duncan
Church of Scientology, Celebrity Centre