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Church lawsuit scrapped

Title: Church lawsuit scrapped
Date: Wednesday, 27 August 1980
Publisher: Calgary News
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Alberta courts called the bluff of the Church of Scientology which had extended a libel suit against seven former members for four years.

The case fizzled out in Edmonton when the church failed to deposit $45,000 as security for costs if it lost the case.

The court dismissed a defamation suit launched by the church against Lorna Levett, Brendan Moore, Les Jackman, William Reid, Neil Taylor and David Wallace, all of Calgary, and Betty McCoy of Edmonton.

The defendants are now applying for legal costs against the church which could amount to $50,000 or S60,000.

They were sued for damages of about $100,000 each after they had complained to MPs and institutions about the activities of the church.

Lorna Lovett was originally the local minister in Calgary before she broke away. Complaints involved high prices for courses and counselling, sales tactics and alleged intimidation.

During the four year litigation, defence counsel had suggested that the Church of Scientology used lawsuits to silence critics.