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Real-life angel John Travolta: My hands can heal the sick

Title: Real-life angel John Travolta: My hands can heal the sick
Date: Tuesday, 21 January 1997
Publisher: National Examiner
Author: Laurie Campbell
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LIKE a real-life angel, Michael star John Travolta has the otherworldly power to heal with his hands.

Back in 1994, The EXAMINER was the first to report the amazing healing magic in John's fingertips. Since then, he's added dozens of "patients" to the list of pals and co-workers who've received his miraculous touch.

* Rock musician Sting's sore throat disappeared after a healing session with John.

* On the set of the movie Phenomenon, he cured a crew member's injured leg.

* John banished back pain for one of his associates on the hit film Michael.

John, a devout Scientologist, says he began studying the technique more than 20 years ago in connection with the church. His interest was aroused when actress Joan Prather performed what's called a "touch assist" on him. Miraculously, a pesky cold was suddenly gone.

"It really helped me," says John. "And then I had a sore throat and she did another process on me, and the sore throat went away."

Flabbergasted, John vowed to learn to tap his own healing powers.

"Over the years, he's learned the laying on of hands that Scientologists claim opens the nerve channels and brings relief wherever it's needed, says an insider.

Using massage techniques, the touch assist fortifies the ailing person's own healing processes.

Fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley swears by her pal John's amazing gift.

"One time I went to a Sting concert, and Sting had a sore throat," the former Cheers star reveals.

"John ran up to him and said: 'Do you need some help with your throat?' Sting said yes, so John did an assist."

It was such a success that within minutes, the rocker was back onstage, belting out a song.

Another time, John was on the set of the movie Phenomenon — playing a man with supernatural powers — when a co-worker hurt his leg.

"I used about four different processes to help him heal," says John.

The worker was told at the hospital he'd be laid up for four to six weeks, but thanks to John's healing hands, he was back on the job in a few days.

By eerie coincidence, John was playing the archangel Michael when his soothing touch was needed again.

"One guy on the set was almost crippled by back pain," says a source.

"John sat facing him, placed his hands on the man's knees, looked deep into his eyes and talked him through the agony.

"The guy said he felt the pain flowing upward from his back and leaving his body through his shoulders."

John credits the teachings of Scientology for making his gift for healing possible.

And he couldn't care less when others scoff at the kooky teachings of the church. John is convinced they help him handle all the stresses of everyday life.

"I used to be preoccupied with the past — never quite here," he says. "I was very insecure.

"Now, I'm a person in the present who is looking forward to the future."

[Picture / Caption: Dozens of friends and co-workers have benefited from John's healing touch]