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Ground Control To Major Tom

Title: Ground Control To Major Tom
Date: Wednesday, 1 June 2005
Publisher: Radar Online
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Tom Cruise’s over-the-top exclamations of love for rumored fiancé Katie Holmes have his agents at CAA scrambling to congratulate him with the best gift they can think of: a gag order. Ever since the actor’s disastrous appearance with his girlfriend of one month on Oprah, sources say his top wranglers at the agency, Rick Nicita and Kevin Huvane, have been frantically pleading with Cruise’s sister/manager Lee Anne DeVette to “rein Tom in.”

“Kevin watched the show and was embarrassed for Tom,” says one agency insider. “He called Rick immediately and said something had to be done.” The pair then phoned DeVette—who took over her brother’s famously well-oiled PR machine from PMK/HBH potentate Pat Kingsley earlier this year—and read her the riot act, demanding that no further tapes of Cruise’s T.J. Mackey-esque performance on Oprah be released. Huvane also put in a delicate call to Cruise, reminding his suddenly soul-bearing client that “restraint can be a good thing.” Sources say Huvane blames DeVette for allowing her brother to spin “out of control” on her watch, especially when it comes to his relentless proselytizing of Scientology (Holmes being his most recent convert.)

But we hear at least one person is enjoying the spectacle. Inside sources say Kingsley is so amused by DeVette’s many missteps that she’s been using them as object lessons for her junior publicists on how to ruin a well-choreographed career.

“Tom has looked like a lot of things, but he’s never looked like a joke,” another source notes. “Thanks to his sister not controlling him, he looks like one. If I’d been at the [Oprah] taping I would have pulled the plug on every camera and dragged him out of the studio by force.” (DeVette did not return phone calls by press time and Nicita and Huvane declined to comment on their client’s latest incarnation.)

Though Kingsley denies deriving any pleasure from Cruise’s punch line status, she couldn’t resist mentioning that in the “extraordinary 14 years” she represented him, “we never disagreed on the publicity recommendations I made to him.” As for DeVette’s recommendations? “I have no comment on what decisions he or his people have made on his behalf as I consider it none of my business.”

Speaking of business, what did the famous director say to the family-friendly star of his sci-fi summer blockbuster after hearing that he was marrying a Scientology convert 16 years his junior? Muzzle Tov!