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Jan 5, 2008
Scientologists heading downtown — Detroit News
Feb 11, 1980
Drug unit is linked to church — Detroit News
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Type: Press
Author(s): Peter Shellenbarger
Source: Detroit News
LANSING — The Michigan Department of Corrections paid more than $100,000 during the last three years to a drug treatment program with veiled ties to the controversial Church of Scientology. Leaders of the drug program, known as Narconon, admit it is based on Scientology teachings, but they deny any affiliation with the church. A state corrections official said he was satisfied that Scientology does not run Narconon. Church records obtained by The Detroit News showed, however, that Scientology leaders created Narconon ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Nov 2, 1979
Church spies infiltrate health groups — Detroit News
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Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
WASHINGTON — (AP) Leaders of the Church of Scientology considered the American Medical Association (AMA) and the National Institute of Mental Health enemies and infiltrated the AMA as part of an effort to discredit it, according to documents made public yesterday. The documents released by a federal judge show that the church planted spies and had a "doom program" aimed at the AMA. Church leaders also planned to "take over control" of the National Institute of Mental Health near Washington, the ...
Apr 1, 1978
Church of Scientology is explained [letter] — Detroit News
Dec 18, 1976
Some cults may aid blacks — Detroit News
Aug 29, 1976
Viewers' choice: // Closeup on cultism — Detroit News
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Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
Though religious cults have existed elsewhere for thousands of years, their ranks have only begun to swell in America in the past few decades. They flourished particularly in the sixties, when celebrity involvement — by the Beatles, among others — helped make cult abbreviations like "TM" (for Transcendental Meditation) commonplace. Unofficial estimates place the number of cults in the United States today at 5,000, with an individual total of two million members. But as that number grew, so did the controversy ...
Sep 12, 1971
Fat fighters mine pots of gold [incomplete] — Sunday News (Detroit)
Jan 4, 1970
Christ, Satan and Manson haunt a London cult — Sunday News (Detroit)
Dec 10, 1969
Tate link sought in 2 other deaths — Detroit News
Mar 19, 1969
Greece orders cult's founder, followers away — Detroit News
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Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
CORFU, Greece — (Reuters) — Lafayette Ron Hubbard, American founder of the Scientology cult, and 200 of his followers aboard a ship docked off this Ionian island received Greek government orders last night to leave the island. Hubbard, who started the movement which is considered psychotherapy with religious overtones, claimed his ship is unseaworthy. A Corfu spokesman said "the ship requires some minor repairs which can be done within a few hours." The controversial movement has been banned in several countries. ...
Apr 10, 1953
Dianetics to get test in court — Detroit News
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Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
[Picture / Caption: DIANETICS IN COURT—Earl M. Cunard and Mrs. Refa Postel, operator of a dianatics school, pleaded innocent when arraigned on charges of conspiracy to practice medicine without a license and running an unlicensed vocational school—News Photo.] THE SO-CALLED "science" of dianetics will be explored in Recorder's Court April 21. That is the date set by Judge George Murphy for examination of charges against Earl Cunard and Mrs. Refa Postel, whose Detroit Dianetics and Scientology School, 8901 Dailey court, was ...
Mar 27, 1953
Policeman forfeits job for Dianetics — Detroit News
Mar 26, 1953
Police hold 2 in raid on 'Dianetics School' — Detroit News
Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
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