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Aug 6, 2009
Elizabeth Moss talks 'Mad Men' and Peggy Olson — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Author(s): Brooks Barnes
Source: San Jose Mercury News
LOS ANGELES — Taped to the wall of Elisabeth Moss' apartment here a large, hand-lettered sign reads, "Lock the Door." The woman who plays the tightly controlled Peggy Olson on "Mad Men" needs to be reminded of this? "Fred put it there," says Moss, referring to Fred Armisen, the musician and "Saturday Night Live" comic who is her fiance. "Sometimes I'm just a little," she says, pausing and looking thoughtfully upward, "forgetful." An effervescent 26-year-old trained as a ballerina, Moss recently ...
Apr 30, 2009
Four more Santa Clara County schools close because of swine flu fears — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Author(s): Jessie Mangaliman, Linda Goldston
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Four more Santa Clara County schools are closing because of concerns about possible swine flu infections, county health officials said today. They are not expected to open until Monday, May 11, according to county health officials. Among those closing is Rucker Elementary, a K-5 school near Gilroy. At least one child at the school, and possibly others, are being tested for swine flu, Gilroy Unified School District Superintendent Deborah Flores wrote in a message posted on the district's Web site. "In ...
Jul 7, 2007
Battle with Scientology sparks Schwarzenegger pardon request — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Source: San Jose Mercury News
SACRAMENTO — A former Silicon Valley computer consultant whose decade-long fight with the Church of Scientology led to his ruin is asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to free him from a Riverside County jail. Keith Henson's crusade against the church brought him a misdemeanor conviction for interfering with the rights of others to practice their religion. The 64-year-old Californian is now two months into a six-month jail sentence for the crime. It is the latest development in a war that forced Henson ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 14, 2006
Obituaries: Judy Ann Rosenbaum — San Jose Mercury News
Aug 13, 1991
Rural studio is Scientology headquarters — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Former Church of Scientology members say the organization runs its international operations from a state-of-the-art media center in this rural southern California community, a newspaper reported. Ken Rose, who in 1988 left the church after 14 years, told the Hemet News in a copyrighted series that Scientology's top officials use Golden Era Studios as their base for worldwide operations. He described Golden Era as "the think tank, the brains, the [...]
May 9, 1989
Firm forced Scientology ideas on them, 3, say in rights claim — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Three workers at a prominent Silicon Valley electronics company claim they were forced by their superiors to take communications courses taught by firms connected with the Church of Scientology – with practices that included staring into co-workers' eyes for four hours at a time to "guide and control communication." The workers said they left Applied Materials Inc. of Santa Clara after being harassed over their refusal to take the courses. They [...]
Dec 5, 1986
Search for salvation ended in death — San Jose Mercury News
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): David Schrieberg
Source: San Jose Mercury News
[The following is from the article 'Search for Salvation Ended in Death', printed originally in the San Jose Mercury News, December 5, 1986. I have omitted some parts of the original, mostly those giving a general discussion of Scientology, and paraphrased others, since I don't have permission of the copyright holders. The author of the story is David Scrieberg. My discussion is enclosed in brackets, except for some analysis at the end.] Two years ago, confused and unsure of his future, ...
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