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Dec 11, 1966
Scientology as it is practiced in its Detroit temple — Detroit Free Press
Oct 1, 1966
Scientology and the FDA — Fate Magazine
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Richard E. Saunders
Source: Fate Magazine
Public will pay high price for its apathy — if even government agencies become electronic snoops. MOST AMERICANS take religious freedom for granted. Some may be vaguely aware that it is guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution because some of the very early settlers on this continent came in search of just this freedom, but their general attitude is one of indifference. Unfortunately their lofty assumption that churches never are harassed in this country is incorrect. Even more unfortunately, ...
Aug 22, 1966
Is this the happiest man in the world? — Macleans
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Type: Press
Author(s): Wendy Michener
Source: Macleans
His name is John McMaster. Once he was a mess like the rest of us. Now he's a "clear", one of the saints of a new cult called Scientology — without a single "engram" left to bug him. SOMETHING VERY ODD is going on in Toronto. People are leaving the country, changing their occupations, giving up their children, leaving their husbands, wives, or lovers, changing their whole lives. All in the name of something called Scientology. The whole thing got started ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jun 21, 1966
ADS7 looks at scientology — Advertiser (Australia)
Type: Promotion
Source: Advertiser (Australia)
The controversial cult of scientology, which has been banned in Victoria, will be discussed in ADS7's public affairs programme This Week at 10.5 tonight. Brian Taylor will interview Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Mainsbridge, of Tusmore, who gave evidence before the Royal Commission into scientology in Victoria. Mr. Mansbridge is a senior lecturer at the SA Institute of Technology and his wife is a primary school teacher. At the enquiry the couple gave evidence in support of the cult, but in ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Mar 11, 1966
New Scientology probe sought — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Age (Australia)
The Chief Secretary (Mr. Rylah) has asked police to check on undercover Scientology operations in Victoria. This follows growing evidence of Scientology propaganda being posted in Melbourne and distributed to addresses in Victoria and elsewhere. In Brisbane on Wednesday a woman reported she had received a Scientology publication bearing a Russell Street porkmark. Victoria has already taken the matter up with the Postmaster-General's department to see if action can be taken to stop Scientology pamphlets being distributed through the mails. However, ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Mar 10, 1966
Scientology literature: Banned, but operates — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Age (Australia)
BRISBANE. - Scientology is still operating in Victoria, where it was outlawed last December. A brisbane woman has received the Scientologist periodical "Communication" through the post - mailed from Melbourne. It is postmarked "Russell Street." The Victorian Attorney-General (Mr. Rylah) said earlier this week Scientology literature was being mailed into Victoria from London. He said the Victorian Government had asked the Postmaster-General to act to stop the practice. January issue The copy of "Communication" mailed from Russell Street to the Brisbane ...
Jan 29, 1966
Court sympathy for scientology victim — The Age (Australia)
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