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Aug 2, 1984
Grassroots "The Way To Happiness" — Voice (Riverside, California)
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Type: Press
Source: Voice (Riverside, California)
From coast to coast companies are using a booklet to improve employee and client relations and the results are showing in increased production and rising statistics. With the rising statistics in absenteeism, sickles after a night on the town, lack of loyalty and enthusiasm, employees are shaking their heads to frustration as to what to do to get production up. How does todays business world survive in todays jungle of earning an honest buck? There is an answer. Growing in popularity ...
Aug 2, 1984
Local parents call for peace — Rancho-Cheviot Hills News
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Type: Press
Source: Rancho-Cheviot Hills News
As the athletes of the world come together in peace to compete in the Olympics, a group of peacemakers in Watts, a city once town by riots, received an international peace award Wednesday. It was presented by a Century City-based group. On behalf of Bridge Publications, singer Amanda Ambrose, who has a special interest in Watts, presented a handsomely framed copy of the lyrics of the song "Declaration of Peace," composed by L. Ron Hubbard, to the Parents of Watts (POW). ...
Jun 12, 1984
Letters to the Editor // Scientology pro and con — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Dale Christiansen
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Scientology pro and con Editor: I read a copy of the "Way to Happiness," by L. Ron Hubbard, tried it and found happiness. Who can dispute that truth and honesty is the basis of happiness in life? Anyone can try this out and find out for themselves. I read the Clearwater Sun fand felt miserable for hours afterwards. If honesty equals happiness, then I wonder what caused my bad feelings in reading the Sun? DALE CHRISTIANSEN Clearwater —– Editor: The response ...
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