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Nov 26, 1992
'Best way to make money is to found a religion' — Chichester Observer (UK)
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Type: Press
Source: Chichester Observer (UK)
Jesus is a fantasy Implanted in our minds millions of years ago, according to the Scientology cult. And L Ron Hubbard, who founded Dianetics and Scientology, dabbled in anti-Christian rituals with a disciple of black magician Aleister Crowley. Former Scientologists Jon Atack and Bonnie Woods spoke to a Chichester audience of head teachers and representatives from churches, Scouts, local councils and the police. Mr Atack, who thought the city was the cult's latest target, said Scientology has "200 front groups" including ...
Sep 17, 1992
'It's immoral, sinister and corrupt' says judge — Chichester Observer (UK)
Sep 12, 1992
Illegal acts might have gone undetected, judge says // Globe article triggered investigation by OPP into organization's activities — Globe and Mail (Canada)
Type: Press
Author(s): Thomas Claridge
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
A judge who yesterday fined the Church of Scientology of Toronto $250,000 for espionage activities carried out in the 1970s suggested the criminal acts might have gone undetected were it not for a Globe and Mail article published in 1980. Mr. Justice James Southey of the Ontario Court's General Division said the article triggered an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police that included counterespionage activities and led to a massive raid in 1983 and the laying of charges in December of ...
Jun 29, 1992
Suit against Cazares rejected — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Curtis Krueger
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two Scientologists who claimed former Pinellas Democratic Chairman Gabe Cazares violated Florida's hate crimes law by ejecting them from a meeting. Cazares said the outcome showed that "their tactic of trying to silence their critics and enemies by threats of suits under the hate crimes law is a tactic that will not work." However, Paul Johnson, the attorney who represented the two Scientologists, intends to file an amended version of the lawsuit next week, ...
Jun 14, 1992
Suit charges UCLA funding hate campaign — The Ethnic NewsWatch
Type: Press
Source: The Ethnic NewsWatch
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has been sued for supporting and funding a campaign of bigotry and prejudice against minority religions, spearheaded by one of its own faculty members, psychiatrist Dr. Louis Jolyn West. UCLA's Board of Regents, UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young and West are named in the suit as information in documents obtained from the University through the Freedom of Information Act showed West has been using UCLA's authority and funding to help run a hate campaign ...
Jun 13, 1992
Scientologists don't like professor's anti-cult work — Orlando Sentinel
Type: Press
Source: Orlando Sentinel
Two members of the Church of Scientology have charged that a professor at UCLA has wrongly used his position and state funds to take part in anti-religious activities. They refer specifically to the professor's participation in two anti-cult organizations, the Cult Awareness Network and the American Family Foundation. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles by UCLA extension students Mario Magorski and John Van Dyke, members of the Church of Scientology. They allege that the professor, Louis ...
May 16, 1992
Scientology trial hears of intrigue and 'plants' — Toronto Star (Canada)
Type: Press
Author(s): Wendy Darroch
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
A tale of intrigue, international espionage and blind dedication has been painted over the past month by a group of senior members with the Church of Scientology of Toronto during the 1970s. All those testifying had been expelled by the church. They were given immunity from prosecution for testifying at the trial of five members and the church on charges of criminal breach of trust. The charges concern "plants" infiltrating the RCMP, OPP, Metro police and the provincial attorney-general's office between ...
Apr 30, 1992
Church 'plants' stole files trial told — Toronto Star (Canada)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Wendy Darroch
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
A man who left a Catholic seminary to eventually head the Church of Scientology in Canada said he knew church members were infiltrating police and government offices, and his wife was one of them. Emile Gilbert, 44, who now lives with his former wife and her new husband in Fonthill, Ont., testified he studied 5½ years for the priesthood then left to join the Church of Scientology in September, 1968. There he met his wife, Cathy Wilkins, who was infiltrating the ...
Apr 24, 1992
Scientologists infiltrated Metro police, trial told — Toronto Star (Canada)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Bruce DeMara
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Church of Scientology "plants" infiltrated Metro police and the Ontario Provincial Police and succeeded in obtaining copies of investigators' files, a trial has been told. A church member also obtained a file from the attorney-general's office by telephoning a central registry, pretending to be a government lawyer and sending a phony secretary to pick it up, witness Bryan Levman testified. "It was considered a big win. Everybody was very happy," Levman testified yesterday. He added that a Scientology plant later obtained ...
Jan 4, 1992
Former Scientology member sues church — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jan 1, 1992
The Hubbard is bare
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