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Nov 15, 1994
Scientology værste fjende [Danish, no translation so far] — Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark)
Jun 5, 1994
My girl's cult hell — Sunday Mail (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Stewart Kirkpatrick, Marion Scott
Source: Sunday Mail (UK)
A heartbroken father begged the world's biggest cult yesterday: "Let my daughter go." And Eddie Forsyth wept when he learned that daughter Christine had been subjected to a nightmare ordeal at the hands of the Scientologists. A Mail investigation has discovered that the cult's "thought police" branded her a traitor for talking to an outsider. Blond Christine was hauled before a kangaroo court and convicted of "treason". Beans Experts believe she would have been sentenced to hard labour, ordered to wear ...
Apr 12, 1994
Scientology: the inside story — Victims who are 'fair game' — The Argus (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Paul Bracchi
Source: The Argus (UK)
[Transcribed by Anonymous <> 21 May 1995 07:35:27 +0100] The Church of Scientology may call itself a religion, but it does not have a reputation for turning the other cheek. For a week last month Jon Atack and his family were subjected to scenes like this outside their home in Cranston Road, East Grinstead. Why? The placard-carrying demonstrators are Scientologists, and they do not like Mr. Atack because he is an outspoken critic of the cult. The police were twice called ...
Apr 3, 1994
Cult accused of intimidation — The Sunday Times (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Richard Palmer
Source: The Sunday Times (UK)
Police are investigating complaints that private investigators employed by the Church of Scientology, the cult created by L. Ron Hubbard, have intimidated witnesses and plaintiffs in forthcoming court cases. The cult, which claims to have 300,000 members in Britain and 8m worldwide, has attempted to undermine its critics after coming under severe financial pressure in this country. It is anxious to protect its funds which are set to be drained further by a series of expensive civil actions brought by former ...
Mar 23, 1994
Cult picket man's home — East Grinstead Observer
More: link
Type: Press
Source: East Grinstead Observer
FOLLOWERS of the cult Church of Scientology have been picketing the house of a former member, who claims the church practices "mind control". Scientologists bearing placards accusing John [should be Jon] Atack of breaking up families and owing the cult money, have demonstrated outside his Cranston Road home six times. "They came on Saturday and the police told them that if they returned they would be arrested," Mr Atack told the Observer. Mr Atack left the cult in 1983, after being ...
Mar 18, 1994
Scientologists picket house — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): David Thompson
Source: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
POLICE were twice called to disperse pickets from outside the East Grinstead home of an anti-Church of Scientology campaigner. On Sunday, three Scientology members stood outside Jon Atack's house in Cranston Road. Mr Atack said they carried placards proclaiming: Stop destroying families. Get a proper job like the rest of us and Support your own family and stop destroying ours. "They were an absolute nuisance. I was incensed," he said. "They had no answer when I asked them which families I ...
Jan 23, 1994
Cults danger to families — Sunday Mail (Australia)
Jan 16, 1994
Father's letter pleads for a week's dialogue — Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
More: link
Jan 16, 1994
It's a lie says sect — Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia)
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