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Dec 16, 1999
State of Florida Department of Health v. David Ira Minkoff, M.D. / Case no. 1997-15802
Nov 28, 1999
John Travolta's alien nation — Washington Post
Oct 5, 1999
Travolta shocker / The gay charges and the truth about his marriage — National Enquirer
Sep 9, 1999
Scientology's revenge — New Times Los Angeles
Aug 5, 1999
Battlefield Travolta — NOW Magazine
Type: Press
Author(s): Enzo Di Matteo
Source: NOW Magazine
Scientology's biggest star comes to Canada to make a movie that will bring church's values and villains to a theatre near you Members of the Church of Scientology were in Yorkville this past holiday weekend, questionnaires in hand, to collect opinions about the church from passersby. It's been a difficult couple of years for Scientology, which is trying to polish its fringe image as it awaits word from Revenue Canada about its application for charitable status. But positive PR may be ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 14, 1999
'Eyes' in focus — Los Angeles Times (California)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Patrick Goldstein
Source: Los Angeles Times (California)
Q&A: Tom Cruise, co-star of Stanley Kubrick's final opus, talks about the challenges and rewards of working with the director he says was wrongly labeled as an eccentric. When Stanley Kubrick was first wooing Tom Cruise about starring in "Eyes Wide Shut," the director learned that Cruise was a pilot, as Kubrick himself had been before he crash-landed one day and never flew again. So the most all-controlling cinema master of our time decided that if Cruise was going to zoom ...
Jun 28, 1999
Defenders of the faith should stand at ease — Daily Variety (Hollywood, California)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Peter Bart
Source: Daily Variety (Hollywood, California)
THE MOST MAIL Daily Variety has received this year about a single article has come in response to a story that the newspaper will never run. The subject was Scientology and its influence on Hollywood. The story was in the process of being researched by our film editor, Dan Cox, who recently left the paper to accept a job as a literary agent without finishing the article. In approaching his story, Cox was impressed by the fact that the Scientologists, who've ...
Jun 17, 1999
Psychiatrists should be made accountable — Australian Associated Press (AAP)
Type: Press
Author(s): John Kidman
Source: Australian Associated Press (AAP)
SYDNEY, June 17 AAP — Psychiatrists who argued for the release of convicted child killer John Lewthwaite should be held culpable if he reoffended, human rights activists said today. "If that were the case, then the psychiatric profession might not be so quick to judge dangerous criminals fit for release," Citizens Commission on Human Rights spokeswoman Lyn Cottee told journalists. "They might also use proven, workable rehabilitation programs and testing if they were made accountable for the results." Lewthwaite, one of ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Jun 16, 1999
Nationwide General News // Australian General News // Diary Thursday Add June 17, 1999 Sydney — Australian Associated Press (AAP)
Type: Press
Source: Australian Associated Press (AAP)
1030 - The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights will protest against the state's parole process, following the decision last week to release convicted child-killer John Lewthwaite. Outside the parole board, Hospital Road, Wynard. Contact: Lyn Dunnachie 0415 719 282.
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Jun 8, 1999
Protest to be held at Lewthwaite's parole hearing — Australian Associated Press (AAP)
Type: Press
Source: Australian Associated Press (AAP)
LEWTHWAITE SYDNEY, June 8 AAP - A public protest will be held outside the controversial parole hearing of child killer John Lewthwaite in Sydney tomorrow. The protest has been organised by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights against the use of psychiatric behaviour programs in prisons and psychiatric testimony in parole hearings. Commission spokeswoman Lyn Cottee said she did not trust the use of psychiatric testimony in parole hearings. Lewthwaite had been receiving anger management treatment and was having the case ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Apr 1, 1999
The Thetans' revenge — New Times Los Angeles
Feb 25, 1999
Public service ads banned from buses — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Feb 7, 1999
Scientology Pals Kicked In $50,000 Toward U.N.'s Big Elephant Statue — New York Observer
More: link
Jan 29, 1999
Cult film — Washington City Paper
Jan 28, 1999
PSTA aims to avoid ad flap — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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