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Dec 8, 1976
Scientologists lay libel suits against author — Winnipeg Free Press
Dec 7, 1976
Libel Settlement Reached With Scientology Church — Los Angeles Times (California)
Dec 4, 1976
Talks interrupt Scientologists' libel suit — Los Angeles Times (California)
Type: Press
Author(s): Myrna Oliver
Source: Los Angeles Times (California)
The first libel suit to come to trial over a 1971 book, "The Scandal of Scientology," was interrupted this week in Los Angeles Superior Court while Scientologists discussed the settlement of seven suits filed about the book [...]
Nov 25, 1976
Scientology leader's son cremated; staff disclaims his identity — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Nov 23, 1976
Scientology student death probe — Las Vegas Sun
More: link, link
Type: Press
Author(s): Sharon Spigelmyer
Source: Las Vegas Sun
Police and private investigators are probing the mysterious death of the Church of Scientology founder's son, found unidentified three weeks ago near McCarran International Airport in a coma, Coroner Dick Mayne said Monday. Cause of death is still unknown for Geoffrey Quentin McCally Hubbard, 22, of Clearwater, Fla. He was a student and counselor in scientology. The homicide division of the Metropolitan Police Department Monday combed the scene where Hubbard was found, and discovered identification, license plate, car registration and ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Sep 12, 1976
Despite suspicions, Scientology flourishes / 'We are the wave of the future,' Church's lifetime Guardian tells convention — Los Angeles Times (California)
More: link
Sep 1, 1976
"Poor Man's Psychoanalysis?": Observation on Dianetics — The Zetetic
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Roy Wallis
Source: The Zetetic
The sociology of marginal medicine is a neglected field of endeavor. There exist only a mere handful of brief accounts of unorthodox therapeutic practices and their development in Western societies. I shall seek, therefore, to provide a contribution to this scant literature, in the belief that such studies are not only of intrinsic interest but also provide insight into a number of strains and tensions generated by advanced industrial societies and into some of the less orthodox methods of coping with ...
Aug 12, 1976
Church of Scientology finally gets foothold on NSA — Washington Star-News
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Vernon A. Guidry Jr
Source: Washington Star-News
The National Security Agency is the kind of operation in which the public affairs office telephone is answered with a four-digit number rather than a name, a practice that even the CIA has abandoned. So perhaps it wasn't surprising when NSA time after time told the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington that it could find no information in its files about the church, nor its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The church had made repeated requests over a number of months, ...
Aug 4, 1976
Scientology's Pinellas tax battle isn't the first — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Bette Orsini
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
The controversial Church of Scientology's failure to gain tax-exempt status for $3-million worth of Pinellas County properties is only the latest chapter in a stormy history of legal battles over taxes. And the latest battle, which opened in the county courthouse last week, appears far from over. Scientology spokesmen vow to take their Pinellas tax case to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. Pinellas officials, for their part, are just as determined to defend their denial of tax-exempt status for the ...
Jul 31, 1976
Scientology plea for tax exemption is rejected — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jul 19, 1976
Scientology's funds in trust: Who controls the purse strings? — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jul 1, 1976
Church sues for U.S. file [exact date unknown] — Detroit Free Press
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Detroit Free Press
WASHINGTON — (AP) — The Founding Church of Scientology sued the National Security Agency Wednesday, seeking release under the Freedom of Information Act of intelligence files the agency admits it holds on the church group. The security agency first told the church that it could not locate the files, but after the Central Intelligence Agency said it had been provided the files by the National Security Agency, the NSA Wrote to the church and said the files had been located but ...
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