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Reference materials Narconon Exposed: Drug rehab or Scientology front? Protecting the Vulnerable from Narconon/ScientologyNarCONon is Scientology!
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Dec 29, 2007
Rehab center to relocate patients — Battle Creek Enquirer
Type: Press
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer
The Narconon Stone Hawk East Rehabilitation Center will downsize for the winter months. Per Wickstrom, president of Stone Hawk, said Monday that 23 patients from the Albion facility will be moved to the Stone Hawk facility in Battle Creek. Also, five to 10 jobs will be either eliminated from the Albion facility or transferred to Battle Creek. Wickstrom said the Albion facility still will be full-service and open 24 hours daily. He said 15 to 20 patients will remain in the ...
Dec 14, 2007
Cult Watch — TES Magazine
Type: Press
Author(s): Lynne Wallis
Source: TES Magazine
Their targets used to be university students, but today fringe religious groups are believed to be recruiting school-aged children. Lynne Wallis reports. If one of your pupils became distant, distracted and antisocial, your first thought might be that they were experimenting with drink or drugs. But religious cults pose another danger to young people, and one from which it can be equally difficult to extricate them. Although the notion of children being lured into fringe religious organisations might seem far-fetched, it ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 12, 2007
Jailer’s truck stolen, suspect arrested in Oklahoma — Batesville Daily Guard
Nov 11, 2007
Some Christian pastors embrace Scientology — CNN
Type: Press
Author(s): Diana Miller, Gary Tuchman
Source: CNN
TAMPA, Florida (CNN) — Some Christian congregations, particularly in lower income, urban areas, are turning to an unlikely source for help — the Church of Scientology. Scientologists do not worship God, much less Jesus Christ. The church has seen plenty of controversy and critics consider it a cult. So why are observant Christians embracing some of its teachings? Two pastors who spoke recently with CNN explained that when it comes to religion, they still preach the core beliefs of Christianity. But ...
Oct 5, 2007
Detox program — Philadelphia Inquirer
Type: Press
Author(s): Art Carey
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
[Picture / Caption: Joe O'Sullivan, 42, of Queens, and his wife Helena, 33, talk with Jim Woodworth (right), the detox project's president, during a consultation. Joe O'Sullivan's has had health problems since 9/11. The framed towel had been used by patient Tom Bulger.] It's become something of a medical mystery: This detox program shouldn't work, but it seems to. Nobody - from convention doctors to the patients - can explain why, but those suffering severe symptoms after exposure to debris kicked ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Sep 12, 2007
Greatest place on earth // Church of Scientology expands into South Loop — Chicago Journal
Type: Press
Author(s): Hunter Clauss
Source: Chicago Journal
South Loop residents will soon have a new neighbor-the Church of Scientology. The church's new flagship center of Chicago will move next summer into the former Artcraft Building, 650 S. Clark, and become the hub of Scientology-related activities and social services. "It's going to be a beacon of life," said Allyne Rosenthal, president of the Church of Scientology of Illinois. The new center, which was bought by the church in February 2007 for an undisclosed amount, will include office space for ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 11, 2007
Scientologists find unlikely allies in other faiths — Florida Times-Union
Type: Press
Author(s): Matt Sedensky
Source: Florida Times-Union
TAMPA, Fla. - The Rev. Charles Kennedy travels the country preaching the brilliance of L. Ron Hubbard’s words. Children in his after-school program learn with the Scientology founder’s methods; church members study one of his books. The minister calls Scientologists the kindest people he’s met and their programs the best he’s found. One thing sets Kennedy apart: He and his congregants are not Scientologists. They are Christians. The Glorious Church of God in Christ here is among a number of houses ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 7, 2007
Narcon looking at second location — Walton Sun
Type: Press
Author(s): Heather Civil
Source: Walton Sun
Almost all of those who attended a meeting Monday night to learn about a proposed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility agreed on one thing. They do not want it in their neighborhood. Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc. wants to purchase a three-story beach house at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential rehabilitation facility. The nonprofit organization hosted the meeting to answer questions from those who live near the proposed location. Henry Pitts owns property one street over from ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 6, 2007
Narconon to meet with new potential neighbors — Northwest Florida Daily News
Type: Press
Author(s): Heather Civil
Source: Northwest Florida Daily News
MIRAMAR BEACH — Controversy over a proposed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility has moved from one beachside neighborhood to another. Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. wants to purchase a beach house at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential facility. The nonprofit organization drew heated opposition earlier this year with its plan to buy a house on Scenic Gulf Drive for the same purpose. That purchase has since fallen through, and Narconon is now hoping to buy the house ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
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