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Dec 28, 2007
Will studio success ride with Valkyrie? — Toronto Star (Canada)
Type: Press
Author(s): John Hiscock
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 26, 2007
Tom Cruise's bid for Scientology in Germany backfires — Monsters and Critics
Type: Press
Author(s): Stone Martindale
Source: Monsters and Critics
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 18, 2007
Type: Press
Author(s): Cindy Adams
Source: New York Post
A Tom Cruise bio is about to drop upon us. St. Martin's Press is thrilled. Tom Cruise is maybe less thrilled. The thing is unauthorized. Also possibly unwanted and unappreciated. In fact, its title is "Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography." The author is Andrew Morton, same Brit gent who unwrapped Princess Diana and Monica Lewinsky, of whom you may have heard. He spent two years on Operation Tom Cruise. Talked to chums, teachers, even old girlfriends who were his young girlfriends ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 14, 2007
Valentino to Receive Grand Medaille de Paris — Fashion Wire Daily
Type: Press
Author(s): Godfrey Deeny
Source: Fashion Wire Daily
The mayor of the City of Light is to award Valentino with the Grand Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris, the equivalent of making him an honorary citizen of the French capital. Paris’ socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoe will pin the Grand Medaille on to the great couturier during the upcoming haute couture season in January, when Valentino will stage his final runway show. Among previous winners are the great fashion illustrator Erte, designer Gianni Versace, who was awarded the ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 1, 2007
Showdown at Fort Sumner: Politics & Power — Vanity Fair
Nov 29, 2007
Tom Cruise Had Spielberg's Family Doctor Picketed By Scientologists — Huffington Post
Type: Press
Author(s): Katherine Thomson
Source: Huffington Post
Deep in the December issue of Vanity Fair is an interesting throw-away line about Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. Bryan Burrough wrote a lengthy article called: Showdown at Fort Sumner Two years after Paramount purchased DreamWorks, Hollywood is transfixed by one of the nastiest breakups ever. As Sumner Redstone and David Geffen went to war (over Steven Spielberg?), the author got it from both sides. The article is online, and on page 3 of the online copy, at the ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Nov 6, 2007
Tom Cruise Rewards Scientology Honchos — FOX News
Type: Press
Author(s): Roger Friedman
Source: FOX News
Sunday night, Tom Cruise rewarded high-ranking members of the Church of Scientology with tickets to a private screening of his new movie, "Lions for Lambs." This is the provocative anti-war movie which he executive-produced for United Artists with partner Paula Wagner. I rather doubt that director Robert Redford, who's also a co-star, and Cruise's other co-star, Meryl Streep, had any idea that the screening room at the Museum of Modern Art and the cocktail party following was full of Scientologists, including ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Nov 2, 2007
Tribal Instincts // Tom Cruise's faith discovers an Indian audience — Little India
Type: Press
Author(s): Sabrina Buckwalter
Source: Little India
As she strolls down Dadabhai Naoroji Road in Mumbai, Aussie Marion Whitta gets a tap on the shoulder from a tall Indian fan. "I bought Dianetics (the first book of a post-modern faith called Scientology) in 1987 in Melbourne," he says. He is in a yellow polo shirt inscribed with the Scientology logo on the back. He walks with her for about 50 paces, interrupting the conversation she is trying to have with friend. He recounts the moment he first encountered ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 7, 2007
Clinic's results make 9/11 responders believe — Philadelphia Inquirer
Type: Press
Author(s): Art Carey
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Critics aside, they say Scientology's detox center cures ills. By Art Carey Inquirer Staff Writer Within days of beginning treatment, Mike Wire noticed changes. His pain eased. His mood brightened. His sense of smell returned, sharper than ever. A retired millwright from Bucks County, Wire, 60, is among thousands of rescue workers, firefighters and police officers who developed an array of serious ailments after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Wire spent 21/2 ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 7, 2007
The Hitler curse — Ynet
Type: Press
Author(s): Eldad Beck
Source: Ynet
Could footage of Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg's execution in Tom Cruise's new film have been sabotaged by Berlin officials? Eldad Beck Published: 10.07.07, 19:44 / Israel Culture Berlin - What is causing the series of mishaps taking place on the set of a movie starring Tom Cruise in the role of Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg - the man who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler? Over the weekend the movie's production team confirmed that footage for the movie entitled “Valkyrie," shot some ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Sep 28, 2007
Tom Cruise building '£5m bunker to protect against alien attack' — Evening Standard (UK)
Type: Press
Source: Evening Standard (UK)
Hollywood star Tom Cruise is planning to build a bunker at his Colorado home to protect his family in the event of an intergalactic alien attack, according to new reports. The Mission Impossible actor, who is a dedicated follower of Scientology, is reportedly fearful that deposed galactic ruler 'Xenu' is plotting an evil revenge attack on Earth. According to American magazine Star, a source said: "Tom is planning to build a US$10 million bunker under his Telluride estate." "It's a self-contained ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Sep 23, 2007
Madman or messiah? —
Type: Press
Author(s): Carol Tobin
She was open-minded enough about Scientology, if a bit dubious about some aspects of the life of its founder L. Ron Hubbard. Imagine Carol Tobin's surprise, then, when her hopes of a private jet and a Hollywood career with Tom Cruise were dashed as its adherents appeared to reject her Is it just cynical old me or is Scientology a load of old cobblers or, as we would say here in Ringsend, a load of bullshit? Oh, I can hear the ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Sep 17, 2007
Cruise Film Gets German OK — TIME Magazine
Type: Press
Author(s): Stephanie Kirchner
Source: TIME Magazine
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 23, 2007
The business of Cruise control — NY Daily News (New York)
Type: Press
Author(s): John Clark
Source: NY Daily News (New York)
It's been a year since Tom Cruise's war of words with Paramount resulted in one of Hollywood's biggest splits - and, apparently, new days of thunder for the 45-year-old superstar. Previous to the much-publicized split, the 5-foot-7 actor was riding high. How high? Cruise has had seven consecutive films that made $100 million or more (a record he shares with Tom Hanks). He has won three Golden Globes, and has been nominated for an acting Oscar three times. He has worked ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 9, 2007
Scientology Targets Europe Amid Fresh Calls for Ban in Germany — Deutsche Welle
Type: Press
Author(s): Marcus Bösch
Source: Deutsche Welle
An alarming book, fresh demands for a ban and a rejection of those calls for a prohibition: the controversial Scientology organization has been all over the media, yet still aims to missionize Europe. Ursula Caberta expressed her opinion loud and clear: "Scientology is a dangerous, extremist organization which has declared war on Europe." As Commissioner for Scientology issues for Hamburg, Caberta is considered an expert on the subject. She has been observing the movement since 1992 and just presented her new ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 26, 2007
Go Home, Tom Cruise! Why does Germany hate Scientologists? — Slate Magazine
Type: Press
Author(s): Michelle Tsai Michelle Tsai
Source: Slate Magazine
Last Sunday, the German Protestant Church's religious cult specialist called Tom Cruise the "Goebbels of Scientology." This comparison of the War of the Worlds actor and the head of the Nazi propaganda machine is only the most recent example of a German official having harsh words for the Church of Scientology. Last month, a German Defense Ministry spokesman said Cruise couldn't film his movie at military sites because the actor had "publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult." ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 23, 2007
Cruise is 'Goebbels of Scientology', says German church — The Independent (UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): Tony Paterson
Source: The Independent (UK)
The German Protestant Church compared the Hollywood film star Tom Cruise to the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels yesterday and claimed the actor was using his celebrity status to publicise the controversial Church of Scientology, of which he is a prominent member. The criticism of Mr Cruise, who is in Germany to make a film about an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, was the most vitriolic in a series of attacks on the actor over his membership of Scientology - regarded ...
Jul 19, 2007
Cruise & Scientology — CNN
Type: Press
Author(s): Anderson Cooper
Source: CNN
[...] RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): He's played a top gun and secret agent. But it's his latest role, anti-Nazi war hero that's landed Tom Cruise in hot water. Germany is boiling over his religion. Filming began outside Berlin today, for a movie starring Cruise, as Count Klaus von Stauffenberg, a famed colonel who tried to kill Hitler. Back in 1944, Stauffenberg and his coconspirators were executed here at the defense ministry building. Cruise was planning to shoot scenes at the ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 12, 2007
Attractive help and a hasty exit — The Australian
Type: Press
Author(s): Michael McKenna
Source: The Australian
IT was Hollywood, so it was bound to follow the script. Two minutes after walking through the ornate gates of the world famous Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, an exquisitely renovated 1920s chateau-style, former hotel overlooking Los Angeles, I came face-to-face with my first Scientologist. He was impressive, tall, broad-shouldered and impeccably groomed with a set of blindingly white teeth. He looked like an actor who'd play a secret service agent.
Jul 11, 2007
Scientology the cult of disbelief — Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Michelle Cazzulino
Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
ARTHUR and Lawana Beals knew their son Gary was in trouble. He had been tormented for years by voices in his head but he had always shunned their advice to seek psychiatric care. On March 15, 1989, the 32-year-old broke. Grabbing a butcher knife, he stabbed Lawana before turning the knife on Arthur. Bleeding from her injuries, Mrs Beals tried to defend her husband before fleeing the house and calling police. Arthur Beals was dead by the time authorities arrived. Three ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 10, 2007
A Scientology double-murder — Seven Network
Jul 10, 2007
Church of Scientology denies stabbed man 'a recruiter' —
Type: Press
Author(s): Fiona Connolly
THE Church of Scientology last night denied the Sydney man who was allegedly stabbed to death by his psychotic daughter after refusing her psychiatric drugs was a top recruiter for the church. A man with the same name as the dead father is listed on the Church of Scientology's "Honour Roll" in the 2002 Impact magazine which glorifies members worldwide for their efforts in "signing more than 20 members to the church" or for donating $US20,000 ($23,200) or more. The man's ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 2, 2007
Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense' — Herald Sun (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Jill Singer
Source: Herald Sun (Australia)
WITH the Packer wedding over — and guest Tom Cruise embrolied in a "religious" controversy — Scientology is once again on the agenda, writes Jill Singer. SCIENTOLOGY is being talked about again because of certain prominent supporters. Germany is reluctant to have Scientology's most famous adherent, Tom Cruise, play one of its country's greatest heroes. Valkyrie, the planned film, centres on Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg's heroic role in attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The problem for Cruise is that Germany is ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
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