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Feb 15, 1997
Letters / Re: The judge's impulse was improper — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jan 12, 1997
Photo in Scientology paper angers Clearwater mayor — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Nov 15, 1994
Scientology truer KD med retssag [Danish, no translation so far] — Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark)
Oct 1, 1993
Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters [Church of Scientology / Internal Revenue Service closing agreement]
Jan 30, 1992
Expose Sick Kids' experiment — Eye Weekly
Type: Press
Author(s): Paul Palango
Source: Eye Weekly
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Nov 1, 1991
The Road to Xenu // A narrative account of life in Scientology (book)
Aug 25, 1991
Campaign to ban drug is distorting information [article incomplete] — Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Gideon Gil
Source: Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)
The man who committed mass murder two years ago at Standard Gravure has become the centerpiece of a nationwide campaign to discredit and ban Prozac, the world's leading drug for treating depression. Joseph Wesbecker had taken Prozac during the five weeks before his shooting rampage inside the Louisville printing plant, and blood tests after his death found therapeutic levels of Prozac. Those test results have prompted a California group affiliated with the Church of Scientology to launch a high-profile, well-financed assault ...
Aug 13, 1991
Rural studio is Scientology headquarters — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Former Church of Scientology members say the organization runs its international operations from a state-of-the-art media center in this rural southern California community, a newspaper reported. Ken Rose, who in 1988 left the church after 14 years, told the Hemet News in a copyrighted series that Scientology's top officials use Golden Era Studios as their base for worldwide operations. He described Golden Era as "the think tank, the brains, the [...]
Aug 7, 1991
Didn't mislead [missing part] // Nothing 'covert' involving city teens, says Scientology [article incomplete] — Winnipeg Sun
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Winnipeg Sun
The director of public affairs for the Church of Scientology in Western Canada denied yesterday it misled about 60 Winnipeg teenagers, hired to raise funds for a drug rehabilitation program linked to the church. "I just think it's very much a tempest in a teapot. This (project) employed a lot of kids," Robbie Hepburn, who flew in to Winnipeg from British Columbia, said. "Yes, there's a connection, but it's not some kind of covert or bad connection." Just because Narconon uses ...
Jun 23, 1991
Money-show hosts sued over advice given off the air — Palm Beach Post
Type: Press
Author(s): Erik Milstone
Source: Palm Beach Post
Four Palm Beach County financial talk-show hosts who tout their expertise on local airwaves have encountered static from customers and regulators for their off-air performance. James A. Barry Jr., Brian J. Sheen, Ken W. Brown and Norm Robbins are among about 20 South Florida financial talk-show hosts who use public airwaves to reach potential customers. But their off-air careers have been the subject of customer complaints and lawsuits or investigations by regulators, a review [...]
Aug 30, 1990
Scientology advertising to stop, mission head says — Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)
Type: Press
Source: Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)
Robert Bosan said Wednesday, that he has agreed, for now, to stop advertising his Church of Scientology but he plans to apply again to run the mission on Streetsboro's far west side. On Tuesday, Bosan, of the 200 block of state Route 303, withdrew his application for a conditional use permit that would allow him to use a neighboring house as a Scientology mission. He said he intends to reapply, perhaps for a zoning variance, and [...]
Jul 11, 1989
[...] prevented her from getting mental care [exact date unknown; incomplete] — Tampa Tribune (Florida)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Tampa Tribune (Florida)
[...] Wakefield now repudiates the agreement, claiming she was pressured into signing it, and aggressively seeks forums — in the press, on radio shows, in churches — to denounce Scientology. "I don't care what the legal repercussions are at this point," she told the Tribune recently. "I want people in this area to know what Scientology is about. I want them to know it's a satanic cult." The church has been the center of controversy since it was founded by science ...
Jun 25, 1989
Is firm teaching skills -- or religion? EEOC to decide — Sacramento Bee (California)
May 9, 1989
Firm forced Scientology ideas on them, 3, say in rights claim — San Jose Mercury News
Type: Press
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Three workers at a prominent Silicon Valley electronics company claim they were forced by their superiors to take communications courses taught by firms connected with the Church of Scientology – with practices that included staring into co-workers' eyes for four hours at a time to "guide and control communication." The workers said they left Applied Materials Inc. of Santa Clara after being harassed over their refusal to take the courses. They [...]
Dec 10, 1988
Church of Scientology sues property appraiser — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Aug 1, 1988
'Coke' ended careers of student and boxer — Toronto Star (Canada)
Dec 28, 1987
Religious groups using copyright law [article incomplete] — Daily Journal (Los Angeles, California)
Oct 23, 1987
Scientology loses bid to halt book — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
The Church of Scientology lost a bid Thursday in a British court to ban a biography of its founder, the late science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. The secretive religious movement, which has a headquarters in Clearwater, had asked the Court of Appeal for an injunction against publication of Bare Faced Messiah by London journalist Russell Miller. Such a ruling would have reversed a High Court decision dismissing their application as "mischievous and misconceived."
May 4, 1987
Religion and taxes Series: Editorials — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Is the Internal Revenue Service out of order in trying to revoke the tax-exempt status of Jim Bakker's PTL ministries for three years? Is this IRS effort part of a campaign that picks on religious operations? Or is it a federal government agency doing its job, objectively challenging the outrageous spending practices of an organization set up for religious and charitable purposes? Anytime the IRS moves, the danger of abuse exists. Short of death or some uncertain judgment day, the IRS ...
Feb 13, 1987
Scientology circus could lead to citation — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Feb 1, 1986
Cash flowed from Hubbard's ranch — Press-Enterprise (Riverside, California)
More:, link
Type: Press
Author(s): Ronnie D. Smith
Source: Press-Enterprise (Riverside, California)
Creston — Actor Robert Mitchum once quartered horses at the Whispering Winds ranch, four miles South of Creston. Until last week, it was the closest this town of 270 people had come to celebrity. Last week Church of Scientology founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard died here. Hubbard, a science fiction writer who turned a book he wrote called "Dianetics" into a church making $100 million a year, was both worshipped by Scientologists and condemned by those who fled the church, claiming to ...
May 22, 1985
Alberta education department will support Scientology school — Toronto Star (Canada)
Jan 25, 1985
Scientology wins round in legal fight [article missing] — Calgary Herald (Canada)
Feb 16, 1984
Court reverses $100,000 award due from Church of Scientology — Miami Herald
Jun 12, 1983
Scientology funds made Hubbard rich, files show — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Type: Press
Author(s): Bill Cornwell
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
[I wish to find this article. If you have it, please contact me.]
Mar 16, 1982
Nancy McLean, John McLean v. Church of Scientology of California et al.
Type: Document
538 F.Supp. 545 Nancy McLEAN and John McLean, Her Son, Plaintiffs, v. The CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, et al., Defendants. No. 81-174 Civ. T-K. United States District Court, M. D. Florida, Tampa Division. March 16, 1982. Page 546 Walt Logan, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Tony Cunningham, Tampa, Fla., for plaintiffs. Page 547 Bennie Lazzara, Jr., P.A., Tampa, Fla., for P. Lisa. Howard J. Stechel, A. Thomas Hunt, Taylor & Roth, Los Angeles, Cal., Gary S. Brooks, Williams, Salomon, Kanner, Damian, ...
Sep 14, 1981
Preliminary report to the Clearwater city commission re: The power of a municipality to regulate organizations claiming tax exempt or non-profit status
Dec 31, 1979
Church vs. press — Newsweek
Sep 17, 1979
Scientology church loses "Snapping" libel suit — Publisher's Weekly
Sep 1, 1979
L. Ron Hubbard, a living legend — Xenophile
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