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May 6, 1982
Scientology ban to go despite court's ruling — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Louise Carbines, Damien Comerford
Source: The Age (Australia)
The Victorian Government will go ahead with plans to lift bans on Scientology despite a ruling yesterday by the State Full Court that the Scientology organisations could not claim to be a religion. The Minister for Health, Mr Roper, said that the court's ruling would have no impact whatsoever on the State Government decision to amend the Psychological Practices Act which has outlawed the Church of Scientology since 1975. He hopes to have the amendment passed by the end of the ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
May 6, 1982
Scientology is not religion, says court — Advertiser (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Advertiser (Australia)
MELBOURNE — The Victorian Full Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the Church of the New Faith, practising Scientology, was not a religion or a religious institution. The Full Court unanimously dismissed an appeal by the organisation against a ruling by Mr. Justice Crockett in December, 1980, that it was not a religious organisation. Mr Justice Crockett had dismissed an appeal against a decision by the Commissioner of Payroll Tax not to grant the church an exemption from tax as a religious ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Mar 16, 1982
Nancy McLean, John McLean v. Church of Scientology of California et al.
Type: Document
538 F.Supp. 545 Nancy McLEAN and John McLean, Her Son, Plaintiffs, v. The CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, et al., Defendants. No. 81-174 Civ. T-K. United States District Court, M. D. Florida, Tampa Division. March 16, 1982. Page 546 Walt Logan, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Tony Cunningham, Tampa, Fla., for plaintiffs. Page 547 Bennie Lazzara, Jr., P.A., Tampa, Fla., for P. Lisa. Howard J. Stechel, A. Thomas Hunt, Taylor & Roth, Los Angeles, Cal., Gary S. Brooks, Williams, Salomon, Kanner, Damian, ...
Sep 22, 1981
Church tries to stop files — The Advertiser (Australia)
Sep 14, 1981
Preliminary report to the Clearwater city commission re: The power of a municipality to regulate organizations claiming tax exempt or non-profit status
Apr 18, 1981
Churchmen urge an end to bans on scientology — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Louise Carbines
Source: The Age (Australia)
Officials of three churches have signed a petition calling on the State Government to lift bans on the Church of Scientology. The petition asks the Government to "review the Victorian Psychological Practices Act and remove all prohibitive sections aimed at members of the Church of Scientology purely on religious grounds. It further asks "that in future no legislation be passed which discriminates against any minority because of its beliefs". The petition concludes: "We are, we believe qualified to express opinion on ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Feb 25, 1981
Scientologists lodge appeal — The Age (Australia)
Feb 4, 1981
Flag ED 2119 / THE WAY TO HAPPINESS / Property, Production, Design & Exploitation Program
Nov 21, 1980
Scientologists seek recognition — The Age (Australia)
Sep 12, 1980
Churches join Scientology fight // Challenge IRS denial of group's tax-exempt status — Los Angeles Times (California)
Jul 24, 1980
1st high school grad at Delphian School — The Sun (Sheridan, Oregon)
Jul 16, 1980
A church returns and finds a home — The Age (Australia)
May 1, 1980
Now she makes her own sweet music [exact date unknown]
May 1, 1980
Scientology: Anatomy of a frightening cult [Canadian edition] — Reader's Digest
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Eugene H. Methvin
Source: Reader's Digest
The faithful inner core serve as thieves, decoys and spies. The shocking story behind one of the most dangerous “religious cults” operating today IN THE late 1940s, pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard declared, “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million, the best way would be to start his own religion.” Hubbard did start his own religion, calling it the “Church of Scientology,” and it has grown into an enterprise today grossing ...
Mar 6, 1980
Church's 27 steps to refund of course charges — Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Mar 1, 1980
Affidavit of Anne Rosenblum [exact date unknown, circa March 1980 assumed]
More: link
Type: Affidavit
AFFIDAVIT OF ANNE ROSENBLUM In December, 1972, after my first semester of college (in the state of Washington), I was introduced to Scientology when another Scientologist encouraged me to take a "Personality Test" at the Portland "Org". I was given a poor evaluation on the test. I later learned, however, that it is a customary practice of the "Church" to give one a poor evaluation on the test in order to induce the person into Scientology processing. The Scientologists also told ...
Jan 25, 1980
Affidavit of Tonja Burden
Jan 15, 1980
Affidavit of Ann Bailey [exact date unknown, circa January 1980, as per affidavit content]
More: link
Type: Affidavit
On April 21, 1978 I walked out the front door of the Hollywood Inn located on Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California. I carried with me my purse, which contained a one-way plane ticket to Boston and thirty five dollars for taxi fare to the airport. I wore the uniform I had worn every day for the past three and one half years. Navy blue skirt, blazer, light blue military shirt, black tie and small gold chain lanyard. Ostensibly, I was ...
Dec 31, 1979
Church vs. press — Newsweek
Sep 17, 1979
Scientology church loses "Snapping" libel suit — Publisher's Weekly
Sep 1, 1979
L. Ron Hubbard, a living legend — Xenophile
Jul 20, 1979
When friends or patients ask about... Cults — Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
May 28, 1979
"Snapping" authors ask for First Amendment precedent — Publisher's Weekly
Mar 26, 1979
Scientologists sue Lippincott and authors of "Snapping" — Publisher's Weekly
Jan 11, 1979
United States of America v. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al. / Response to informal bill of particulars
Jan 1, 1979
Inside Scientology // The science fiction religion finds itself under attack — CHIC Magazine
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Ron Ridenour
Source: CHIC Magazine
In the beginning there was Xenn, god of the Galactic Federation, a 76-planet union formed some 95 million years ago. The Federation, whose planets averaged 178 billion inhabitants each, had something of a population problem. Xenn solved it by "implanting" the excess to Teegeeack (earth) and dumping them into volcanos. These beings were somehow fused into humans when hydrogen bombs were dropped on the volcanos. After the radioactive dust cleared, the new humans were confused by being shown religious pictures of ...
Dec 1, 1978
Playboy interview: John Travolta // A candid conversation with the hottest young star in America — Playboy
Type: Press
Source: Playboy
Oct 18, 1978
Churches and Churchmen: Derided church now accepted — Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Oct 1, 1978
Everything you always wanted to know about study — Today's Professionals
Sep 19, 1978
Making his own pace — Chadstone Progress (Australia)
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