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Sep 8, 1978
Scientology in court — Christianity Today
Aug 19, 1978
Scientologists to have first ACT service — Canberra Times (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Peter Quiddington
Source: Canberra Times (Australia)
The Church of Scientology, the invention of science fiction writer Ron Hubbard which has caused an unholy uproar around the world in the past, will hold a Canberra inaugural service at Red Hill tomorrow. The Church, established in 1953 by Mr Hubbard after his book 'Dienetics', published in 1950, attracted world-wide interest in the principles of Scientology. More than five million people in 54 countries are understood to have gone through the Scientology processing, a full course of which can cost ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Jul 29, 1978
[Place holder, article still need to be found] [Exact date unknown] — Las Vegas Review Journal
Type: Press
Author(s): Sherman R. Frederick
Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
[Place holder for an article yet to be found. It is being referred by an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and apparently the author of the article was the subject of an investigation, because the article was perceived as "negative" by the Church of Scientology. Contact me if you have this article.]
Jul 1, 1978
Grooves presents Travolta — Grooves
Type: Press
Source: Grooves
Jul 1, 1978
John Travolta: His mother's story — McCall's
Jun 15, 1978
Struttin' his stuff // Make no mistake, John Travolta is beholden to no one — Rolling Stone
Apr 3, 1978
High steppin' to stardom // John Travolta own the street, and his Fever seems contagious — TIME Magazine
Jan 1, 1978
Chases' Calendar of Annual Events — Apple Tree Press
Aug 14, 1977
[Placeholder for a two-part series which I wish to find] — San Diego Union-Tribune
Type: Press
Author(s): Leigh Fenly
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune
[Placeholder for a two-part series which I wish to find. This two part series was the subject of a lawsuit, as reported here and here. If you have any information regarding this two-part series, that would be just swell.]
Jun 25, 1977
Sounding out Scientology — The Advertiser (Australia)
Type: Press
Author(s): Stephen Foley
Source: The Advertiser (Australia)
Thirteen years after the Victorian Government banned Scientology - branding its founder Lafayette Ron Hubbard a "fraud" - the Church of Scientology is planning a special "commemoration." Melbourne has been chosen for the 1978 international conference on Scientology - the first held in Australia. Mr. David Gaiman, world spokesman for the movement, said the choice was "fitting." He said: "There's a certain dramatic licence in holding the conference in Melbourne. It would mark the end of a cycle." Scientologists, whose annual ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
May 20, 1977
Scientology E-meter back at $20 an hour — The Age (Australia)
May 20, 1977
The return of the scientologists — The Age (Australia)
Dec 22, 1976
Film show for patients — The Heidelberger (Australia)
Sep 2, 1976
New Religions: Holiness or Heresy? — ABC News
Type: TV
Author(s): Jim Kincaid
Source: ABC News
[This is a placeholder, I don't have this material. I believe ABC was sued by the Church of Scientology following this report, as per this news piece.] Examination of why young people are increasingly attracted to new religions; focusing on the Unification Church founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and the Church of Scientology, started by L. Ron Hubbard (60 min.)
Sep 1, 1976
"Poor Man's Psychoanalysis?": Observation on Dianetics — The Zetetic
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Roy Wallis
Source: The Zetetic
The sociology of marginal medicine is a neglected field of endeavor. There exist only a mere handful of brief accounts of unorthodox therapeutic practices and their development in Western societies. I shall seek, therefore, to provide a contribution to this scant literature, in the belief that such studies are not only of intrinsic interest but also provide insight into a number of strains and tensions generated by advanced industrial societies and into some of the less orthodox methods of coping with ...
Jul 21, 1976
A Questionable Religion — Catalyst (Australia)
Sep 16, 1975
More: link
Type: Document
[...] MAJOR TARGET: To plant grossly false information in government agencies, especially security services files, for later public retrieval and ridiculing exposure. [...]
Sep 25, 1974
Psychosurgery — The Community Courier (Australia)
Sep 7, 1974
Going up — Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Jul 1, 1974
Narconon News // ["Narconon helps get people up RON's bridge to FREEDOM"] [Exact date unknown]
Type: Promotion
Tag(s): [needtotag]
Feb 25, 1974
The survivor — The Australian
Jan 23, 1974
The technical breakthrough of 1973! The Introspection RD
Jan 1, 1974
The Scientology Religion — Church of Scientology World Wide Saint Hill Manor
Dec 7, 1973
Privy Council turns down scientologist — The Age (Australia)
Nov 9, 1973
Scientoligists aim to change act — Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Oct 1, 1973
The Awful Truth About Scientology — The Realist
Type: Press
Source: The Realist
[Reproduced here with express permission of Paul Krassner — Publisher of The Realist. Thank you! Transcribed from scanned pages at The Realist Project Archive.] Although many people have had some brief acquaintance with Scientology, very few have gotten into the subject far enough to find out what it is really all about. It is a subject which doesn't easily lend itself to study. The courses are many and tend to become quite expensive, not only in terms of money, ...
Sep 15, 1973
Scientology ban to end — The Australian
Apr 15, 1973
Scientology plans a big comeback — The Melbourne Observer (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Melbourne Observer (Australia)
SCIENTOLOGY - the mystery-shrouded religion that came under intense official attack in Victoria - has launched a massive comeback campaign. The faith's leader, L. Ron Hubbard, has ordered wide-scale expansion throughout Australia. He has told his Australian followers: "There's no reason not to create a wildfire expansion in Australia now. "Disseminate more. Train more. Audit more." The Observer has obtained some of the personal letters and orders which Hubbard has issued to his Australian officials. They clearly indicate the faith's determination ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Feb 23, 1973
A happy apostle of the New Faith — The Australian
Nov 24, 1972
Scientologists not discouraged — Daily News (Australia)
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