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Oct 8, 1968
Check on cult meeting — Canberra Times (Australia)
Sep 18, 1968
50 Books Of Cult Seized; Damages Claim — The Advertiser (Australia)
Sep 14, 1968
Adelaide: Curbing a cult — The Bulletin (Australia)
Sep 13, 1968
Scientology: deception and freedom — The Australian
Sep 11, 1968
Victorian Report On Scientology — The Advertiser (Australia)
Sep 10, 1968
Cult threatens critics — The Australian
Sep 7, 1968
Scientology and the kangaroo court — The Australian
Sep 4, 1968
Scientology Curb Planned In S.A. — The Advertiser (Australia)
Sep 3, 1968
Scientology discussed — Advertiser (Australia)
Aug 8, 1968
Your place in the Sun // We are adults, Mr Callaghan
Aug 2, 1968
Life in the cult -- by Kathleen and Iain [part of the article missing] — Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Ian Metcalfe, Allan Gulland
Source: Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
A BOY and a girl told last night of what happened to them in while they worked at the Scottish headquarters of the Scientologists. THE GIRL, Kathleen Riley, said it was a bit frightening at first when she was given a kind of lie-detector test. THE BOY, lain Thomson, 20, claimed he was told to work for more than 15 hours — then sleep on a wooden floor. Kathleen, of 31 Niddrie Marischal Place, Edinburgh, said she was linked to an ...
Jul 30, 1968
Cult to expand [?] Scotland [Article incomplete] — Evening News (Edinburgh)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Evening News (Edinburgh)
[First part missing] Canada, Australia, and England. "Since we have only just started setting up in Scotland, we have no Scots yet," said "Communicator" Madeleine Litchfield, from Canada. "But there are a number who are on their way." On a local basis, the organisation have started the Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence in an old workshop in Queen Street. The workshop was bought from house furnishers W. K. Storie & Son, at a cost of £28,000 but several thousand pounds more ...
Jul 29, 1968
Scientology // Inside the Scots H.Q. [Article not found yet] — Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
[There was an article in the Daily Record, page 3, titled "Inside the Scots H.Q.", referred in the scan above]
Jul 29, 1968
Threat to the Record [Article not found yet] — Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Daily Record (Scotland, UK)
[There was an article in the Daily Record, page 2, titled "Threat to the Record", referred in the scan above]
Jul 26, 1968
[Placeholder for an article which was cited in a lawsuit in England by the Church of Scientogy of California] — Daily Express (UK)
Type: Press
Source: Daily Express (UK)
[This is a placeholder for an article yet to be found. This article was the subject of a lawsuit by Church of Scientology of California in England, as cited in Scientologists issue writs for libel | The Times (UK) | 2 August 1968.]
Jul 14, 1968
[Placeholder for a news article presumably from Daily Mail, cited in "Scandal of Scientology", Chapter 10] — Daily Mail (UK)
Type: Press
Source: Daily Mail (UK)
[...] It is said he shot himself accidentally while cleaning his revolver [...] but an open verdict was returned by the coroner. [...]
Sep 11, 1966
Cult tells members to mutiny — Sunday Mirror (Australia)
Mar 10, 1966
Outlawed, but active — Courier Mail (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Courier Mail (Australia)
A BRISBANE woman has received a Scientology publication by mail from Melbourne. It is post-marked "Russell Street." The Victorian Attorney-General (Mr. A. G. Rylah) said earlier this week Scientology literature was being mailed into Victoria from London. The movement was banned in Victoria last December. Mr. K. V. Anderson, Q.C., reported that it was a perverted and dangerous form of psychology. The copy of "Communication" mailed from Russell Street to the Brisbane woman this week is the January issue and is ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Dec 29, 1965
Tolerance and apathy — Canberra Times (Australia)
Dec 23, 1965
"Burn seized scientology files" plea — Herald (Australia)
Dec 23, 1965
Hunt for hidden scientology files — The Australian
Dec 22, 1965
Scientology files to be examined — Herald (Australia)
Dec 22, 1965
Thousands of files in Scientology raid — The Age (Australia)
Oct 31, 1965
State Government to act soon on scientology — Sunday Times (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Sunday Times (Australia)
The Minister for Health, Mr. MacKinnon, is expected to announce soon what action the State Government will take against scientology. Mr. MacKinnon said last night he might make a statement in the next week or so. Public health authorities in WA have almost completed a study of a Victorian report on scientology. The report was prepared by Mr. K. V. Anderson, QC, and tabled in the Victorian Parliament last month. Mr. Anderson denounced scientology and said it was evil, depraved and ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Oct 23, 1965
Scientology begins NSW campaign — Canberra Times (Australia)
Oct 16, 1965
Ron's Scientologists — The Bulletin (Australia)
Sep 28, 1965
Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientology (aka Anderson Report)
Aug 5, 1964
Scientology wonderland — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Age (Australia)
"ALICE IN WONDERLAND" is a prescribed text book for use in a training drill for scientologists. Everyone is equipped with a hat, and then has to read sections of the book aloud to others. This was one of the most recent reports from Melbourne's longest-running and most bizarre story of the year—the State Government's board of inquiry into scientology. The inquiry is well on the way to breaking all records even for such an inquiry-conscious State. It has now sat on ...
Dec 1, 1959
[Unknown. Reference to the article is in The Evening Argus, March 30, 1994: "Ron Hubbard, pictured by the Evening Argus at East Grinstead in December, 1959"] — The Argus (UK)
Aug 1, 1951
Dianetics // A critical appraisal of a best-selling book that originated in the realm of science-fiction and became the basis for a new cult — Consumer Reports
Type: Press
Source: Consumer Reports
Dianetics is the title of a book (and a "science") which, for many months, held its place as a best seller in the non-fiction field. According to its originator and to thousands of dianetics adherents, it is "the new Modern Science of Mental Health." Dianetic research institutes have been founded in many cities, with the dual purpose of studying mental and psychosomatic ills in the light of dianetic theories, and of training potential practitioners or "auditors" to treat sick people by ...
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