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Dec 1, 1999
Re: Factnet Alert — Exposure (New Zealand)
Jul 5, 1998
Church persecuted — Sun Herald (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Sun Herald (Australia)
CLARIFICATION is required regarding the article on Scientology (June 21), as no German court decision exists which states that Scientology is not a religion, while 36 local and regional courts there have held that it is a bona fide religious community. It appears that the German courts have had to shoulder the whole burden of being objective and just. The Government inquiry on new religions was roundly condemned by parliamentarians and scholars and solidly lampooned in Spiegel magazine as "a kindergarten ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Jun 8, 1998
Letter to the editor — Revolver (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Revolver (Australia)
Dear Revolver, I pass on a big yawn to letter writer "Slug" (Revolver #28) who recirculated once again a tired old lie about L. Ron Hubbard which has been disproved in various forums around the world on many, many occasions. I quote from a statutory declaration by David A Kyle, a publisher who was present at the meeting of literary figures at which L. Ron Hubbard was supposed to have made the statement ascribed to him so smugly by Slug. ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Feb 15, 1998
We're no cult — Sun Herald (Australia)
Feb 4, 1997
Letters to the Editor // Germany unperturbed about violations against Scientologists — The Australian
Type: Press
Source: The Australian
The most worrying aspect of the abusive response of the German Government to concerns about discrimination against Scientologists (Victims or Villains? Focus, 1-2/2) is that the actual violations and offences against Scientologists are hardly even entering into consideration, either by the German politicians themselves or media writers (such as Washington correspondent Peter Wilson) who report on them. The treatment of Scientologists has been disturbing for several years, with no just circumstantial but massive instances of their basic rights being violated. There ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Sep 1, 1996
Spam in a Can —
Jun 30, 1996
Scientology founder bypassed science — Sun Herald (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Sun Herald (Australia)
As the mother of an ex-Scientologist, I believe if Henry Bartnik (S-H 19/5) researched official records he would find the autobiographical accounts of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard to be grossly inaccurate. The problem with Hubbard's achievements in education and science is his lack of scientific process. His work is not subject to ongoing public discourse, criticism and reproduction with controlled studies. His most damning legacy is a policy which effectively suppresses critical analyses internally, and attacks external critics with vengeance. Hubbard, ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Apr 21, 1991
Letters to the Editor // For shame! — Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
I was surprised by the emotional tone of Mark Wilkinson's review (April 14 P7) of the book by L. Ron Hubbard titled "Clear Body, Clear Mind." Mr. Wilkinson made his feelings about Mr. Hubbard very clear in his "review" but in the process of giving vent to these in a sarcastic diatribe of transparent intent, Wilkinson violated the cardinal principle of the journalistic profession, which is to maintain objectivity. To completely omit major sections of what is probably the most significant ...
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