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Dec 4, 1982
Oh, where, oh where has L. Ron Hubbard gone? — Flint Journal (Michigan)
Dec 28, 1981
Narconon: Anti-drug program with roots in Scientology doesn't live up to claims of support, success — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Sep 1, 1981
Scientology: The sickness spreads — Reader's Digest
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Eugene H. Methvin
Source: Reader's Digest
Eighteen months ago, the U.S.-based Church of Scientology launched a global—and unsuccessful—campaign to prevent publication of a Reader's Digest report called "Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult." The church engaged a detective agency to investigate the author, Digest Senior Editor Eugene H. Methvin. Digest offices in a half-dozen nations were picketed or bombarded with nuisance phone calls. In Denmark, South Africa and Australia, the church sued unsuccessfully to prevent publication. In the months since the article appeared, in May 1980, a ...
Aug 21, 1980
Sues cult — The Macomb Daily (Michigan)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: The Macomb Daily (Michigan)
LANSING (UPI) — A man seeking damages from the Church of Scientology on the grounds he shot another man after the group's theories convinced him to discontinue psychotherapy has won a new trial from the Michigan Court of Appeals. Frank Sternicki said he lost control of himself and shot Charles Schang in a restaurant parking lot after the controversial Scientology group's "misrepresentations" persuaded him to end his treatment with a psychotherapist, the appeals court said Tuesday.
Feb 11, 1980
Drug unit is linked to church — Detroit News
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Peter Shellenbarger
Source: Detroit News
LANSING — The Michigan Department of Corrections paid more than $100,000 during the last three years to a drug treatment program with veiled ties to the controversial Church of Scientology. Leaders of the drug program, known as Narconon, admit it is based on Scientology teachings, but they deny any affiliation with the church. A state corrections official said he was satisfied that Scientology does not run Narconon. Church records obtained by The Detroit News showed, however, that Scientology leaders created Narconon ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jan 15, 1980
Scientology office opens — Detroit Free Press
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Harry Cook
Source: Detroit Free Press
The Church of Scientology of Michigan opened its new state headquarters Monday in the former Burton Abstract & Title building in downtown Detroit. The church group, which claims 4,000 adherents in Michigan, bought the 50-year-old, four-story stone structure from Burton in October for $650,000 cash. The church headquarters had been at 3605 Rochester Road in Royal Oak. Citing a desire "to be more centrally located for our parishioners," Suzanne Lee, Scientology's local public relations director, said the church spent the last ...
Sep 13, 1979
ACHG continues search for drug experiment victims — Ferndale Gazette-Times (Michigan)
Jun 25, 1979
Group protests secret government records — The South End (Michigan)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Robin Myers
Source: The South End (Michigan)
Each year, Americans fill out hundreds of employment, tax and health forms. Many will be kept on record; others will be forgotten. But one group, American Citizens for Honesty in Government, conducted a demonstration last week in front of Detroit's Federal Building to encourage people to be more aware of what's kept on record about them. Charging that Americans don't know anything about the thousands of secret files kept by government agencies that they have rightful access to, 12 of the ...
Jan 10, 1979
Public crooks beware: there's a bounty on you — The Macomb Daily (Michigan)
Nov 27, 1978
Rewards offered to halt corruption — Southfield Eccentric (Michigan)
Nov 22, 1978
Bounty hunting is back — Dearborn Press & Guide (Michigan)
Nov 16, 1978
'Honesty group' claims reward offer yields 'corruption data' — The State Journal (Lansing, Michigan)
Apr 1, 1978
Church of Scientology is explained [letter] — Detroit News
Jul 25, 1977
They hope to see clear days forever — Flint Journal (Michigan)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Betty Brenner
Source: Flint Journal (Michigan)
The two-story brick building at N. Ballenger Hwy. and Sloan St. looks as if it should house an insurance agency or doctor's office. It is a well-built, well-kept structure. Inside, quality furniture and a quiet, professional greeting welcome the visitor. But this building houses a center related to a church that is under fire from federal agencies. Early this month, the FBI used crowbars and sledgehammers to enter offices of the Church of Scientology in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Agents were ...
Feb 17, 1977
Scientology combats federal opposition — Farmington Observer
Apr 5, 1976
Letters / Scientology offers answers / Get to know yourself — Michigan Journal
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Michigan Journal
To the Editor: Scientology is coming to this campus on April 14, 1976. Scientology is an applied religious philosophy that answers such questions as, can one find PEACE OF MIND? What is the mind? How can I become more myself? How an I be happier in the dealings of everyday life? Scientology was discovered, developed, and organized by L. Ron Hubbard, an engineer, writer, and philosopher who spent most of this early years studying human behayior and researching ways in which ...
Jan 21, 1976
[Action line / "will you please help get our money back?"] — Detroit Free Press
Oct 24, 1971
Before the beginning... — Flint Journal (Michigan)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Betty Brenner
Source: Flint Journal (Michigan)
Whatever else it is, it's a phenomenon, and a controversial and mysterious one at that. Beyond that, it's difficult to say just what Scientology is — except that it is an organization and a way of thinking gaining attention in the Flint area and across the world as it grows rapidly in adherents and publicity. Since Scientology opened a branch here a few months ago in a former pool hall at 2102 Joliet a few months ago, handouts have appeared on ...
Mar 31, 1971
'U' life sparked by spiritual revival — Michigan Daily
Mar 20, 1969
[Church of Scientology of Michigan press release / never published]
Mar 16, 1969
How to confront in Scientology / Can you stare for 2 hours and not blink? — Detroit Free Press
Jan 1, 1969
Lady minister is spokesman for Scientology — Farmington Observer
Dec 19, 1968
"Murder cult" — Detroit Michigan Chronicle
Apr 30, 1968
Scientology: Solution to this insane world — The South End (Michigan)
Apr 30, 1953
Court bars 2 Dianetics practitioners — Detroit Free Press
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Detroit Free Press
The proprietors of a dianetics school today were on two-year probation, with court orders to stay out of business or go to prison. They are Earl Cunard, 8901 Dailey court, and Mrs. Refa Postel, 16345 Oakfield. Their so-called Detroit Dianetics and Scientology School was operated in Cunard's home until police raided it last March 25. In Recorder's Court yesterday, both pleaded guilty to operating a trade school without a license. DROP OTHER CHARGES More serious charges of conspiracy and practicing medicine ...
Apr 10, 1953
Dianetics pair pleads innocent // Denies practicing medicine illegally — Detroit Free Press
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Detroit Free Press
Two operators of the Detroit School of Dianetics and Scentology pleaded innocent Thursday to charges which grew from a police raid March 25. They were Mrs. Refa Postel, 45, of 16545 Oakfield, and Earl Cunard, 26, of 8901 Dailey Court, where the school is located. They were accused of conspiring to practice medicine without a license and conspiracy to operate a private trade school without a license. * * * DIANETICS is a mental health pastime which has been called "poor ...
Apr 10, 1953
Dianetics to get test in court — Detroit News
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
[Picture / Caption: DIANETICS IN COURT—Earl M. Cunard and Mrs. Refa Postel, operator of a dianatics school, pleaded innocent when arraigned on charges of conspiracy to practice medicine without a license and running an unlicensed vocational school—News Photo.] THE SO-CALLED "science" of dianetics will be explored in Recorder's Court April 21. That is the date set by Judge George Murphy for examination of charges against Earl Cunard and Mrs. Refa Postel, whose Detroit Dianetics and Scientology School, 8901 Dailey court, was ...
Mar 27, 1953
'Cure-all' machine like lie detector — Detroit Times
Mar 27, 1953
Arrest gives pair fine new engrams — Detroit Free Press
Mar 27, 1953
Dianetics pupil was policeman — Detroit Times
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