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Jul 28, 1998
Shots fired in spat with protesters — Union Leader (New Hampshire)
More: Caution: Editorial elements introduced in this transcription
Type: Press
Author(s): Hope Ullman
Source: Union Leader (New Hampshire)
SANDOWN — A longtime opponent of the Church of Scientology allegedly fired two shots into the air Saturday after telling Church of Scientology members — who had been picketing outside his summer home on Fremont Road — to leave his property. Robert Minton, a longtime church opponent and defender of those he believes have been victimized by the church, fired a 12-gauge shotgun into the air after asking four pickets and a private detective hired by the church to leave, Police ...
Jul 7, 1988
RealWorld Corp., Concord, sold — Union Leader (New Hampshire)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Tom Fahey
Source: Union Leader (New Hampshire)
CONCORD — RealWorld Corp., a leading supplier of accounting software, has been acquired by Interactive Finance Systems of Atlanta, Ga., those two companies announced yesterday. The sale was completed June 30 with a cash and stock distribution to the more than 20 holders of stock and options in the privately held corporation, said to Larry Byrnes, RealWorld president and CEO. RealWorld reported revenues of $13.5 million in 1987, up from $11.5 million the previous year. Profits margins have run about 20 ...
Jul 6, 1988
Atlanta-based investors buy RealWorld Corp. — Concord Monitor (New Hampshire)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Neal Shultz
Source: Concord Monitor (New Hampshire)
An Atlanta corporation has bought one of Concord's biggest high-tech companies, RealWorld Corp. Interactive Financial Systems paid more than $12.5 million in cash, plus stock options, for RealWorld and plans no changes in the company product — computer software for small businesses — or organization, said Larry Byrnes, RealWorld's president and largest of its 20 to 30 shareholders. In eight years since it was founded, RealWorld has has grown from a four-person venture working out of a Chichester farm to a ...
Dec 28, 1987
Letters / Management techniques work — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Jan 22, 1987
Kattar arraigned on 12 charges; more pending — Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)
Jun 11, 1985
Former Scientologist settles suit against church — Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)
Type: Press
Source: Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)
BOSTON (AP) — A former Church of Scientology member has dropped her $200 million harassment claim against the organization, and group leaders say she settled for $150,000. Jury selection was scheduled to begin Monday in U.S. District Court when Judge W. Arthur Garrity announced that attorneys for La Venda Van Schaick, 35, asked for a dismissal, which he granted. Garrity then cleared the courtroom, which was filled with Scientologist members, after denying requests from attorney Harvey Silverglate and the group's president, ...
Nov 7, 1970
Church briefs // Rumor denied — Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)
Type: Press
Source: Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)
The Church of Scientology has issued a statement formally denying a rumor that the National Association of Mental Health has offered it $50 million to cease its research in the field of mental healing. The Rev. S. Beisher, spokesman for the church in New York, said: "I see no possible grounds for these rumors. The Church of Scientology is engaged in an altogether different sphere of activity from the NAMH. We are a religious organisation seeking total spiritual freedom for the ...
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