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Nov 27, 1969
Police search for slayer of two teenagers — Wilshire Press
Nov 26, 1969
Police seek to link 3rd slaying to murder of two cult members — Los Angeles Times (California)
Jan 29, 1969
Police seize Scientology material - 300 NZ Files Burnt - Lawyer To Inquire Into Cult — West Australian
Aug 7, 1968
Police watch on Scientologists // Letters sent to girl — The Scotsman (UK)
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Type: Press
Source: The Scotsman (UK)
The activities of Scientologists in Edinburgh are being kept under the scruitny of the police following the Government's clamp-down on the growth of the cult in Britain. Mr Robert Campbell, deputy Chief Constable of Edinburgh City Police, said yesterday: "We are interested in this organization and we are keeping an eye on things." The police, he said, were investigating a complaint made by Councillor Rupert Speyer regarding letters received by a 15-year-old girl who had been employed by the Scientologists' Publications ...
Aug 6, 1968
Scientology: Close watch by police — Evening News (Edinburgh)
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Type: Press
Source: Evening News (Edinburgh)
Edinburgh City Police are "keeping an eye" on the activities in the city of Scientology, Deputy Chief Constable Robert Campbell said today. "We are interested in the Scientology Organisation, and we are alive to what is happening," said Mr Campbell. "The police are keeping an eye on things, and any information that we get from any source, we will note. "We have lots of information and intelligence about various organisations in the city . . . and so it is with ...
Aug 2, 1968
Scientology founder rebukes Britain as a 'police State' — The Guardian (UK)
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Type: Press
Source: The Guardian (UK)
Mr Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, American founder of the scientology movement, sent a message to the movement's East Grinstead headquarters yesterday saying: "I have finished my work. Now it is up to others." He founded the movement in the early 1950s. The movement, which was called "socially harmful" by the Minister of Health in the House of Commons, has been described by one scientologist as "an applied religious philosophy, designed to increase the individual's ability within his community." View of world The ...
Jun 29, 1966
Clamp on science movement policed — Canberra Times (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Canberra Times (Australia)
MELBOURNE, Tuesday. — The Victorian Psychological Council of eight members, to register all people entitled to practise psychology in Victoria, was set up today. The council will police legislation banning scientology in Victoria. Members of the council, appointed by the State Executive Council today, are: Dr Alexander John Maum Sinclair, past president of the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association; Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, chairman of the Mental Health Authority; Dr James Valentine Ashburner, nominated by the Victorian branch of ...
Item contributed by: Zhent (Anonymous)
Sep 16, 1959
Police allege epilepsy cure was claimed — West Australian
Mar 27, 1953
Dianetics pupil was policeman — Detroit Times
Mar 27, 1953
Policeman forfeits job for Dianetics — Detroit News
Mar 26, 1953
Police hold 2 in raid on 'Dianetics School' — Detroit News
Type: Press
Source: Detroit News
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