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Jul 31, 2010
Scientology church finds new home in Queen Anne neighborhood — Seattle Times
Jul 30, 2009
Letters to the Editor // Scientology story didn't give faith, its leaders a fair chance — Seattle Times
Nov 19, 2007
Public never warned about dangerous device — Seattle Times
Jul 28, 2007
Sci-fi author seeks new slan-fans for van Vogt with masterwork's sequel — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Author(s): Chris Talbott
Source: Seattle Times
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Nov 18, 2006
Sun, surf and Scientology? — Seattle Times
Aug 28, 2006
Paramount-Cruise plot thickens: Spielberg left in dark — Seattle Times
Apr 3, 2003
School group threatens to fight levies — Seattle Times
Dec 4, 2001
Scientology followers acquitted — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
MADRID — A Spanish court yesterday acquitted 15 members and employees of the Church of Scientology on charges of criminal conspiracy, closing a case dating to 1984. The court said there was no evidence to support prosecutors' allegations that drug rehabilitation and other programs sponsored by the church in Spain amounted to illicit gatherings aimed at activities such as bilking people of money. The Church of Scientology has 10,000 members in Spain. It is officially classified as a lay association with ...
Tag(s): LegalMembershipSeattle TimesSpain
Dec 9, 1999
Britain denies Scientologists status as charitable group — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
LONDON - Government officials denied the Church of Scientology charitable status today, saying it does not provide any public services. Scientologists said they would appeal the decision, announced by the Charity Commission, which regulates charities. The commission said the church did not meet the essential test for charitable status - "that of conferring public benefit." Graeme Wilson, public-affairs director for the Church of Scientology in Britain, called the decision "wrong on the law and wrong on the facts." "If the same ...
Dec 6, 1999
Letters To The Editor // Scientology -- news article omits reason church has been targeted — Seattle Times
May 22, 1999 to restore book critical of Scientology — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
SEATTLE — Responding to e-mail complaints, says it will restore a book critical of the Scientology movement to its online catalog. The book, "A Piece of Blue Sky," by British writer Jon Atack, was banned by a British court following a successful 1995 defamation lawsuit against Atack. pulled the book in February, but said this week that it would reinstate it. "While the decision in February seemed the right thing to do at the time, we thought we could ...
Mar 23, 1999
Anti-Cult Group Must Pay Award — Seattle Times
Mar 22, 1999
Supreme court rules against anti-cult network — Seattle Times
Dec 14, 1998
Sect Appeal: A&E Examines The Scientology Phenomenon — Seattle Times
Nov 18, 1998
For those who were there, Jonestown's a part of each day — Seattle Times
Sep 3, 1998
Who wins when rights conflict? — Seattle Times
Aug 28, 1998
Court oks anti-cult jury award — Seattle Times
Apr 10, 1998
Court Upholds Damages In Kirkland Teen's Anti-Cult Case — Seattle Times
Dec 31, 1997
Scientologists' Deal With IRS: $12.5 Million — Seattle Times
Dec 28, 1997
Church of Scientology Hits Critics Where They Live — Seattle Times
Oct 28, 1997
Germany vs. Scientology // Group goes to court to seek status as a religion, not business — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 28, 1997
Internet provided way to pay bills, spread message before suicide — Seattle Times
Feb 14, 1997
Celebrity Scientologists tell Congress Germany persecutes them — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Author(s): Laura Myers
Source: Seattle Times
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Dec 23, 1996
New Twist In Anti-Cult Saga: Foe Is Now Ally -- Bellevue Man Who Put Group Into Bankruptcy Fires Scientology Lawyer — Seattle Times
Dec 1, 1996
It's a hostile takeover of a nonprofit — Seattle Times
Dec 1, 1996
Scientologist Buys Bankrupt Cult-Fighting Organization — Seattle Times
Oct 4, 1996
Man enters not-guilty plea in Scientology-center shooting — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
PORTLAND — The man accused of shooting four people in a Church of Scientology branch pleaded not guilty today to 13 criminal counts arising from the Sept. 25 incident. Along with the shootings, Jarius Godeka is accused of taking a hostage and setting a fire at the church's Celebrity Centre. No trial date was set. Godeka, who was jailed briefly early this year for threatening to kill church members and demanding money, had blamed the church for business problems.
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 5, 1996
Church Of Scientology settles dispute with internet provider — Seattle Times
Type: Press
Source: Seattle Times
SAN JOSE, Calif. - The Church of Scientology has settled a copyright dispute with an Internet provider that many in the computer industry worried would restrict freedom of expression in cyberspace. The church and Netcom On-Line Communication Services, one of the nation's largest Internet-access providers, agreed not to discuss details of the out-of-court settlement. They did say, however, that the online service has posted a warning to its subscribers telling them not to use Netcom to "unlawfully distribute the intellectual property ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 24, 1995
Only police may search your home, right? Guess again — Seattle Times
Sep 30, 1995
Man wins $5 million in deprogramming suit // Mother had tried to wrest son away from Bellevue church — Seattle Times
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