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Mar 13, 2011
Christchurch scientology massages concern some — Channel 3 (New Zealand)
Mar 3, 2011
Trauma specialists provide stress relief in Christchurch — Channel 3 (New Zealand)
Type: TV
Author(s): Mike McRoberts
Source: Channel 3 (New Zealand)
Along with medical staff and psychologists on the ground in Christchurch, trauma specialists have also arrived to provide stress relief. Gary Bromwell of the Scientology International Disaster Relief Group is a trauma stress specialist who says he helps victims “come out of the trauma and back into the present so they can rebuild their lives and move on”. Mr Bromwell uses a variety of techniques including massage.
Jun 28, 2010
Getting his life back: Haiti quake survivor who got prosthetic leg in New Haven is following new career path — New Haven Register
Jun 8, 2010
Scientology takes hold in India — Global Post
May 20, 2010
Software firm founder pleads not guilty in slaying of ex-partner — Denver Channel (Colorado)
May 10, 2010
10-year-old Haitian earthquake survivor dies after fall from roof — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Feb 2, 2010
Scientologists in Haiti: A firsthand account — Gawker
Jan 27, 2010
Man's Scientology faith ripples through AdCo murder probe // Victim accused software firm founder of diverting $200,000 to unidentified 'church' — Denver Channel (Colorado)
Jan 27, 2010
Scientology plants its flag in Haiti — The Independent (UK)
Jan 26, 2010
Scientology to the rescue — Salon
Jan 22, 2010
Don't panic Haiti, the Scientologists are coming! — The Guardian (UK)
Jan 20, 2010
Scientologists barred — NY Daily News (New York)
Jan 18, 2010
John Travolta to Airlift Desperately Needed E-Meters to People of Haiti — Gawker
Type: Press
Author(s): John Cook
Source: Gawker
Scientologists have mobilized to seize on the promotional and recruitment opportunities presented by the horror going on in Haiti, and John Travolta has personally arranged to fly "volunteer ministers" to Haiti to inflict his junk science on victims there. Anywhere people are suffering, Scientology's yellow-shirted "volunteer ministers" can be found lurking near news cameras and claiming to help people with their bullshit technology. They performed "purification rundowns" on recovery workers sifting through the ruins of the World Trade Center after 9/11, ...
Dec 16, 2009
Church of Scientology hoping South End move will clear up misconceptions — South End News (Massachusetts)
Dec 15, 2009
Scientology: 'The Crusade' continues — Gawker
Apr 19, 2009
Anger at tent set up by 'cult' — The Star
Aug 5, 2008
Scientologists Say Church Tent Will Remain For Two Weeks — Pacific Magazine
Aug 1, 2008
Red Alert: Scientologists creeping back — Asian Tribune
Jul 19, 2008
Scientology Cult Fraudulently Claims "Medal of Valor" from the Fire Department of New York
Jul 6, 2008
Letters to the Editor // Scientologist takes umbrage at remark — Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado)
May 14, 2008
Scientology, PRO-7 working together for life-improvement — Daily Inquirer (Philippine)
Apr 20, 2008
Scientology Int'l donates books to Cebu City library — Philippine Information Agency
Mar 17, 2008
Scientology faces opposition in American Samoa — Radio New Zealand International
Type: Press
Source: Radio New Zealand International
Three Assembly of God ministers in American Samoa have staged a protest to discourage people from taking part in Scientology meetings. They displayed placards opposing the community meetings which began last Friday. Pastor Sauni Tuitoelau of the Assembly of God Church in Nuuuli says he organised the demonstration because he does not want people to fall for the Scientology members’ tactics. He said the organisation is trying to get its foot into the territory by offering disaster training and other teachings ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Mar 12, 2008
American Samoa restates freedom of religion amid scientology campaign — Radio New Zealand International
Jan 31, 2008
Election brings out stars' stripes / Stars' political opinions often stir controversy — Variety
Jan 30, 2008
Church of Scientology buys historic CBD building in PE — AVUSA Media
Dec 19, 2007
Namibia: Scientologists Offer Disaster Management Training — AllAfrica Global Media
Type: Press
Author(s): Oswald Shivute
Source: AllAfrica Global Media
A team of Scientology volunteers is conducting disaster relief training for organisations and public services in the Oshana Region. Eben van Loggerenberg, one of the volunteers, says the programme started in Windhoek in August before moving on to the coast and the North. He said the training was being offered free of charge to emergency services, Police, Red Cross workers, hospitals and other organisations. The volunteers are selling Scientology booklets too. He said from Namibia, they will go to other SADC ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 11, 2007
Scientology tour crumbles — New Zealand Herald
Oct 5, 2007
Samoa police positive about scientology assistance — Radio New Zealand International
Oct 4, 2007
Samoa police minister says country is not endangered by Scientologists — Radio New Zealand International
Type: Press
Source: Radio New Zealand International
Samoa’s Minister of Police, Tole’afoa Apulu Fa’afisi, says a goodwill visit by Scientology volunteer ministers is crucial for the country as their mission is to provide disaster seminars and training for everyone. The minister, who opened the Scientology training programme yesterday was responding to more than a hundred Christian protesters from various denominations who marched to show their disapproval of the Scientologists visit. Tole’afoa says the government’s support for the Scientology volunteers is for the important training they are providing which ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
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