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Mar 13, 2008
Federal Center takes bomb threat precautions — Battle Creek Enquirer
Type: Press
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer
Security was tightened today at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center in Battle Creek after a bomb threat was leveled nationally at the Church of Scientology, which owns a building nearby. Two parking lots were cleared, the center’s Champion Street entrance was closed and blinds were drawn in all windows at the building at 74 N. Washington Ave. Employees were told the security level was raised and they were encouraged to curtail outside activities near the building. “We learned of potential for increased ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Feb 21, 2008
Scientology: An evasive corporate cult — Orato
Type: Press
Author(s): John Duignan
Source: Orato
A new demand for transparency and justice from netzins... In late January, news media across the world picked up on a phenomenal development on the Internet. A virtual civil rights movement had arisen from a most unlikely source: Internet gamers. It all kicked off when an in-house video of Tom Cruise preaching to members of his faith, the controversial Church of Scientology, was leaked onto the Youtube internet video sharing site. Indeed, Cruise is a frightening spectacle and his incoherent rant ...
Feb 5, 2008
Bad publicity 'helps Scientology recruitment' — The Telegraph (UK)
Feb 5, 2008
Scientology feud with its critics takes to Internet — Los Angeles Times (California)
Feb 4, 2008
Hackers wage web war on Scientologists — The Telegraph (UK)
Jan 24, 2008
"Anonymous" threatens to "dismantle" Church of Scientology via internet — Channel 9 (aka ninemsn) (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: Channel 9 (aka ninemsn) (Australia)
A hacking group calling itself Anonymous has posted a chilling video on the internet, announcing that it plans to dismantle the Church of Scientology. A hacking group calling itself "Anonymous" has posted a chilling video on the internet, announcing that it plans to "dismantle" the Church of Scientology. reports that Anonymous has flooded Scientology servers with a distributed denial of service attack, is choking the Church's phone lines with prank calls and sending looped faxes of solid black pages. "Over ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jan 15, 2008
The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don't Want You To See — Defamer
Jan 14, 2008
Breaking: Secret Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video Finally Hits Web; Proves He Is Even Crazier Than We Ever Imagined — Defamer
Type: Press
Source: Defamer
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Aug 20, 2007
Interview: John Sweeney // 'I can never again lose my temper on TV' — The Guardian (UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): James Silver
Source: The Guardian (UK)
His rant at a Scientology spokesman was a ratings winner, but the Panorama reporter insists there's more to him than just a loud voice Panorama reporters are not supposed to "lose it". Not on camera, anyway. So no wonder that John Sweeney's spectacular cartoonish strop with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis three months ago - in which he resembled an incandescent frog, eyes bulging, voice croaking with rage - became one of those water-cooler TV moments, making headlines and propelling him to ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
May 25, 2007
BBC v Scientology: A YouTube Story Starring John Sweeney — Washington Post
Type: Press
Author(s): Emil Steiner
Source: Washington Post
Attention South Park writers looking for their next episode! (Comedy Central) While the verdict may still be out as to whether Scientology is a brainwashing cult or not, after a recent run-in with the BBC, two things are abundantly clear: Scientologists can't stand being called cult members, and they have the power to drive even seasoned journalists absolutely insane. BBC reporter John Sweeney, whose documentary "Scientology and Me" ends in a 40-second shouting match between him and Church spokesman Tommy Davis, ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
May 13, 2007
The BBC man, the Scientologist - and the YouTube rant — The Observer (London, UK)
Type: Press
Author(s): David Smith
Source: The Observer (London, UK)
Panorama reporter's outburst at Hollywood star's son is captured on video A Journalist at Panorama, the BBC's flagship current affairs series, has been reprimanded for losing his temper and screaming with rage during the making of an investigation into the Church of Scientology. John Sweeney has apologised for the outburst against a scientologist which was filmed and then put on the video-sharing website YouTube, prompting criticism of the corporation. The BBC held an internal inquiry but said Sweeney had not breached ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Apr 5, 2006
Interview with Glen Stollery of — Wikinews
What's the Matter with you, Hat? — Purinton Pictures
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