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Selected posts from alt.religion.scientology

Dave Touretzky on science

«[...] reality has an independent existence. Science offers us a path toward understanding the nature of reality.  As evidence accumulates, our best guess can change, but it should always be based on the best available evidence, not on persuasive bullshit, revealed wisdom, or wishful thinking.»

After spending half of her life in Scientology, she found truth & freedom in Jesus Christ

«On what rational grounds does one reject reincarnation, of which there is no proof, but accept without proof the notion of resurrection? On what basis does one accept that Satan made a rebellion in heaven, of which there is no proof, and reject the notion that Xenu solved his population problems with an H-bomb?»

You're an organism, Sci-borg. Get over it!

«I find it highest humor when Scientologists accuse psychologists of making up imaginary disorders. "Body Thetans" or "Engrams" anyone?»

The public exploitation of one's life entails a sacrifice of the private self

«This question alludes to a recurrent Scientology theme raised amongst critics, namely, that of the invasion of privacy. Scientology techniques, training regimens and institutional policies such as the culling of PC folders in search of incriminating evidence against disaffected members are used as cult control mechanisms, effectively "turning souls inside out."»

Does Scn really provide a solution to depression?

«Next, you would probably not be able to receive Scientology services if you are or have ever taken any medication considered to be psychiatric -- anti-depressants, for example. I'm not sure if the C of S is still enforcing this as strenuously as it was a few years ago. But if they are, then if a person has ever taken 'psych drugs' (anti-depressants, for example) they are considered 'illegal PCs' and, therefore, not eligible for Scientology counselling.»

Spiegel Interviews Cruise and Spielberg about Scientology

«Hatred distorts, and in so doing occludes reality. When Cruise reduces criticism to intolerance, he inadvertently admits his failure of faith in the real. This urge to take flight from reality is probably the greatest source of intolerance and evil in human affairs.»

Scientology driving for its final collapse

«Scientology is a contradiction. By disavowing the past, relegating it to a scrapheap, it manages no learning curve and cannot forge a coherent future.»

Actor Steve Allen's Open Letter to Heber Jentzsch

«Really shameful harassments, telephone threats, and similar offenses are continuing to be perpetrated by individual Scientologists. Now it is theoretically possible that you personally don't know about the above incidents. It may even be that you have advised your fellow-believers to cease that sort of harassment, either because you are a marvelous fellow and recognize the evil for what it is, or because you've realized -- purly out of the church's self-interest -- that that kind of conduct is precisely the sort of "public relations" which has gotten the Church of Scientology into such a bad odor in the first place.»