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A Biography of L. Ron Hubbard

By Michael Linn Shannon more


by Michael Linn Shannon


  1. Introduction
  2. Birth information and family
  3. Childhood years
  4. Teenage world traveler
  5. Academic record
  6. Expeditions
  7. Military record
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Commentary
  10. Bibliography


This article may be copied and distributed by anyone who wishes to do so. Comments are welcomed, and should be addressed to P.O. Box 1526, Portland Oregon, 97207. Please include a stamped envelope if an answer is wanted.

My first experience with the Church of Scientology was in July of 1975. It was on a very warm evening in downtown Portland, Oregon, and I was waiting for a bus. A tall youngish man came up to me and asked if I would like to go to a free lecture on how to communicate better. I didn't have anything in particular to do and decided to go - I was curious what kind of trip this guy was gonna lay on me but I figured (wrongly) that the place would probably be air conditioned. So I followed him to this large almost empty room on the second floor of a nearby building and was treated to a half hour or so monologue on the importance of affinity, reality, and communication, which made sense to me, and after a short sales pitch, signed up for the "communications course".

The following day there were certain events that transpired which caused me to change my mind about taking this course, and after a brief but rather heated discussion, the guy who had taken my money gave back my money.

I still had the book that I had bought, Hubbard's "Dianetics", and for some unknown reason, I read it. When I had finished it, I decided that I wanted to know more about the church of Scientology, particularly the guy who wrote that book. I started buying books. Lot's of books. There was a second hand bookstore a few blocks away, and they were cheaper, and I discovered they had books by other writers that were about Scientology I happened across a copy of the hard to find "Scandal of Scientology" by Paulette Cooper. Now I was fascinated, and started collecting everything I could get my eager hands on — magazine articles, newspaper clippings, government files, anything.

Four years and four thousand dollars later, I had a mountain of material which included some files that no one else had bothered to get copies of, the log books of the Navy ships that Hubbard had served on, and his father's Navy service file. Soon after reading these thousands of pages, I realized that I had a lot of information on Hubbard that had never been included in any of the books that were written about him or his 'church'.

The result of all that research is this article, the first of (?) a series. While there are several ways this information can be presented, it seems to me that the most expedient way would be to simply make a list of all the things that Hubbard has been credited with, and follow each with what the documents that I have say about each one. (what the documents say, not what I say). By doing it in this manner the facts are presented without being watered down with forty pages of dialogue. Here then, is an itemized biography of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

In many of the dozens of books published by the Church of Scientology [COS] over the years, there is included, as in many books, some 'information about the author'. In the case of the COS books, this ranges from a couple of lines on the inside of the dust jacket, to the elaborate 16 page spread in "What is Scientology" in which the life of their founder is depicted in reproductions of a series of oil paintings, with accompanying text.

All of these, when put together, tell of a man who, descended from royalty grew up in the wilds of Montana, became the youngest Eagle Scout in America, traveled throughout the world as a teenager, graduated from college with a degree in civil engineering, earned his masters license to command ocean going vessels, was the leader of a number of expeditions to various areas of the world, was a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, was highly decorated, and a real life hero in the U.S. Navy in WWII, wrote and had published fifteen million words, and spent years and years researching the composition and destiny of man

And did all this before his 35th birthday.

L Ron Hubbard was well known in the forties for his stories in magazines such as Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Astounding Science Fiction (ASF), and when his first article on the new mental science was published (in ASF) it was well received. So a few months later he wrote "Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health", and suddenly he was famous.

Everyone was interested in the book that could teach them all the things that his book was reputed to do, and it became a best seller.

There were several government agencies who were interested too.

The newspapers picked up on it. Magazine articles appeared, and a couple of books were written. but for some reason none of those publications had much to say about the "trip to heaven man" who made it all happen.

Thirty years later, the COS has been "exposed" to tens of millions of people in thousands of newspaper articles, Readers Digest with it's 18 millions of readers, and CBS's "Sixty Minutes" reported some of the details of a recent incident the COS was involved in to some 20 million people.

All over America, lawsuits have been filed by or against the COS with many millions of dollars at stake, and everyone has heard of Scientology.

Yet very little is known about the rich reclusive Ronald Hubbard.


ITEM: That LRH was born in Tilden Nebraska on 13 March, 1911. (1,2)

  • LRH Was born Lafayette Ronald Hubbard on 13 March 1911, in Tilden, Neb. (3)
  • An undated article from the Tilden 'Citizen' (4) states that LRH was born at Dr. Campbell's hospital, on Oak Street.
  • LRH's Certificate of birth lists an 'S.A.' Cambell as attendant at birth (3)
  • Doris Chase Doane, an astrologer states that LRH gave her this date and place as well as the time of 2:01 A.M. C.S.T., during an interview in Los Angeles (5)

ITEM: That LRH is a descendant of one Count de Loupe who entered England with the Norman invasion of the tenth century A.D. (1)

  • LRH's maternal grandmother's name was Ida Corinne DeWolfe, who was born in Hampshire, Illinois on 6 August 1863, and died in Hamilton, Montana on the 25th of March, 1944. Her father was John A. DeWolfe, and her mother was Louesa Doty both from Pennsylvania. (6)

ITEM: That on his fathers side, he is descended from the English Hubbards who came to America in the 18th century. (1)

  • LRH's father was Harry Ross Hubbard, (3)
  • Harry Ross Hubbard was born Henry August Wilson on 31 August 1886 at Fayette, Iowa, but at an early age, his mother died, and he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hubbard, of Fayette County, and his name was changed to Harry Ross Hubbard. In his Navy service record is an affidavit from his blood brother, 'J.R. Wilson", and other documents, which were accepted as true by the Navy Department. (7)


ITEM: That LRH's maternal grandfather was a cattleman who owned a ranch in Montana (l) and that this ranch was "one quarter of Montana" (8)

  • LRH's maternal grandfather was Lafayette O. Waterbury (9) who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 25 July 1864, and died in Helena, Montana on 18 August 1931. His father was Abram Waterbury, and his mother was Margaret Mettler, of New York. (10) (4)
  • L.O. Waterbury owned, in 1927, the Capital City Coal Co. six miles S.E. of Helena, and lived at 735 Fifth Ave, in Helena, from 1917 to 1925. In 1925 he was in the automobile accessories business. (11)
  • L.O. Waterbury's wife was Ida Corinne who also lived at this address. (11) (4)
  • The office of the Secretary of State of Montana lists the Capital City Coal Co. but has no record of L.O. Waterbury having owned land in Montana. (12)
  • The office of the Clerk and Recorder of Lewis and Clark County (Helena) has no record of any land owned by L.O. Waterbury. (13)
  • The Montana Historical Society has an index of people who filed deeds, of homesteaders, and plat maps of Montana but has no record of L.O. Waterbury. (14)
  • The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, in Billings has no record of a L.O. Waterbury. (15)

ITEM: That LRH grew up on his grandfathers cattle ranch in Montana. (1) (16)

  • In addition to LRH's grandparents, L.O. and Ida, his parents lived at the same address from 1918 to 1922. (17)
  • L.O.'s brother Ray Waterbury, and sisters Hope, Toilie, and Louise lived at the Fifth Ave address in the same period. (17)
  • LRH's father lists in his navy insurance beneficiary form, 31 Mar. 1927 dependents LRH and Ledora May at 736 Fifth Ave, Helena. (18)
  • The Navy Department record of discharge for Harry Ross lists, on 18 Dec.1918 LRH at 736 Fifth Ave. (19)
  • Harry Ross' record of allotment of part of his pay to his dependents lists LRH at 736 Fifth Ave., on 10 Oct. 1917. (22),
  • Harry Ross' Officer compensation slip dated 2 Nov 1918, lists LRH at the same address, 736 Fifth Ave. (23)
  • The Helena Public School District has a registration card on LRH, dated 2 Jan 1917, when he started kindergarten at Central School, in Helena. The address listed is 736 Fifth Ave. (20)
  • LRH was enrolled at Helena High School on 6 Sept. 1927. His registration card shows his address as 736 Fifth Ave. (21)
  • LRH describes an incident where he methodically sought out and beat up five O'Connel brothers and a Leon Brown, who used to pick on him on his way to school, when he was six years old. (24) Helena School District records show that there were five brothers named O'Connel, and an Ernest Brown, who were attending Central School at the time LRH was there. (25)
  • Harry Ross worked for an Ives Smith Coal and Cattle Co. in 1914-15-16. (26)

ITEM: That LRH was the youngest Eagle Scout in America. (1)

  • The Boy Scouts of America neither keep, or place any value in such records. (27)
  • There were two 'Ronald Hubbards' who were Eagle Scouts at the approximate time LRH claims this distinction. One was in Trumbull County, Ohio, and the other was in Washington D.C. There are no records of parents names or addresses that go back that far. (28)

ITEM: That LRH was a blood brother of the Blackfoot (sic) Indian Tribe while he lived on the ranch in Montana. (1) (16) 1???

  • The Blackfeet Indian Agency has no record of LRH, as a blood brother. (29)
  • The Blackfeet Indians did 'adopt' a number of non-Indians, and give them Blackfeet names, however, their records do not go back that far. (29)


ITEM: That in 1925 LRH was in China (16) and that because of his fathers service in the Navy, and his grandfathers wealth, LRH was able to spend the next few years traveling in the Far East. (1) (16). LRH traveled up and down the coast of China, and ventured far into it's western hills, visited Tibet, India, and the Philippines, where he learned an entire language in one night, (30) and islands in the South Pacific where he relieved the natives fears of a rumbling sound by exploring a haunted cave and showing them that the sound was just an underground river. (1) (16) (30).

  • In 1925, LRH was 14. He could not have been listed on a parent or guardians passport. (31)
  • While Americans were not required to have a valid passport from 1922 to 1941 many countries required that visitors did have one to enter those lands. (32)
  • LRH was issued passport #Z-1889248 on 23 April 1974. The State Department will not say whether LRH was ever issued a passport previous to 1974. (33)
  • Harry Ross Hubbard was never stationed outside the United States until 1927, when he was ordered to the Island of Guam as a supply officer. (34),(35)
  • LRH spent the full school year 1925-26 at Union High School in Bremerton Washington. (36)
  • In 1925 and 1926 Harry Ross was stationed at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard near Seattle, Washington. (39)
  • At the start of the school year 1926-27, LRH was enrolled in Queen Anne High School, in Seattle. (36),(37),(38)
  • In April of 1927, Harry Ross was transferred to Guam. (34),(35)
  • LRH dropped out of Queen Anne in April 1927. (37)
  • LRH spent the second half of the school year 1926-27 enroute to Guam, where he was tutored by his mother who was certified as a school teacher in Nebraska. (36)
  • Transportation to Guam for LRH and his mother was arranged by Harry Ross. (40)
  • LRH and his mother left San Francisco on 30 April 1927, aboard the steamship President Madison for Guam, via the Philippines. (41)
  • LRH returned to Montana for the school year 1927-28. (36)
  • LRH attended Helena High School from 6 Sept, 1927 to 11 May 28, when he dropped out. (42)
  • In the summer of 1928, LRH returned to Guam and spent the full school year under intensive prepping by his mother in order to qualify for admittance to the Naval Academy, but failed math. (36)
  • At the opening of the school year 1929-30, LRH was enrolled at Swavely Prep School in Manassas, Virginia. He developed eyestrain and was found to be nearsighted, and so unqualified for the Naval Academy. (36)
  • LRH was enrolled at the Woodward School for Boys in Washington, D.C, on Feb. 30, and graduated in june 1930. (13)


ITEM: That LRH is a nuclear physicist. (45),(46),(47),(48)

  • LRH took one class in atomic and molecular physics at G.W.U. He failed it. (43),(57)

ITEM: That LRH received the degree B.S. in civil engineering. (7),(49),(50)

  • LRH dropped out of G.W.U. at the end of the second year. (43)

ITEM: That LRH was trained by William Allen White at the U.S. Government Mental Asylum in Washington, D.C., Saint Elizabeths. (24)

  • Saint Elizabeths requires that their 'students' be completing their internship as part of a college program. They have no record of LRH. (55)
  • LRH's grades from George Washington University are as follows: (57) \
For the year 1930-1931   1st  semester 2nd semester
English 1/2 Rhetoric C B
hemistry 3/4 General Chemistry D D
Mechanical Engineering 3/4 Mechanical Drawing; Descriptive Geometry B C
Math. 12 Plane Analytic Geometry F -
Physical Education   C A
German First Year German E F
Math. 19 Differential Calculus - F
For the year 1931-1932   1st  semester 2nd semester
Physics 13 Dynamics, Sound, and Light E  
Math. 19 Differential Calculus D  
Math. 20 Integral Calculus - D
Math. 12 Plane Analytic Geometry D -
English 115/116 The Short Story B B
Physics 12 Electricity and Magnetism - D
Physics 14 Modern Physical Phenomena; Molecular and Atomic Physics - F
Placed on probation for deficiency in scholarship September, 1931.
  • Hubbards grade average was 2.28, or a "D" average.


ITEM: That LRH conducted the first complete mineralogical survey of Puerto Rico in the early thirties (1),(2),(16),(50)(58); that this expedition was of inter national importance (9), and was for the explorers club of New York. (9)

  • LRH did not become a member of the explorers club until 1940. (59)
  • The New York Zoological Society, and the National Geographic Society are very aware of important expeditions. Neither organization has any record of LRH. (60),(61)
  • The Department of Natural Resources in San Juan, Puerto Rico has no record of LRH. There was a 'Bella' Hubbard who did geological survey work in the Lares district of Puerto Rico in the twenties. (62)
  • The U.S. Geological Survey has no record of LRH. (63)
  • A professor of geology at the University of Puerto Rico in 1932-32????, who prepared the "Geology of Puerto Rico" for that university, knows of Bella Hubbard, but had never heard of LRH. (64)
  • In September of 1928 a hurricane destroyed much of the coffee crop there and the American Red Cross sent a great many volunteers to help with the replanting and rebuilding as well as medical aid. (67)
  • LRH was sent there to help the Red Cross by his father. LRH left Hampton Roads, Virginia on 26 October 1932, aboard the military transport USS Kittery for the island of Puerto Rico. (68)

ITEM: That LRH conducted the Caribbean Underwater Motion Picture Expedition of 1934 (1),(2),(16),(50),(58), which was internationally important (9) in which LRH was the first to use the bathysphere, or diving ball (9), and which provided the University of Michigan, and the Navy Hydrographic office with valuable under water film. (1),(2),(9),(16),(50),(58)

  • The University of Michigan has no record of this expedition, or of LRH. (69)
  • The explorers club of New York investigated this alleged expedition, which LRH listed on his application for membership, and could find no record. (71)
  • LRH is guoted as saying that this 'expedition' was really just a bunch of college kids on a conducted tour of Caribbean Islands, and that he quit the ship in Puerto Rico. (70)

ITEM: That LRH led the noted Alaskan Experimental Radio Expedition, in 1939 (9), and 1940. (1),(9),(50),(58)

  • The explorers club was not able to find any record of this. (71)
  • LRH has never had a license to fly powered aircraft, only gliders. (73)
  • In about 1939, LRH bought a small boat named 'Magician', which he sailed to Alaska. (59),(99)

ITEM: LRH was in Alaska in 1940 to rewrite the navigational guide "Coast Pilot". (58)

  • No civilians were sent to do field work for the Coast Pilot in 1940. (71)
  • The Coast Pilot was rewritten in 1932, and 1943, but not in 1940. (71)
  • The U.S. Coast and geodesic survey roster of 1940 does not list LRH. There was a Leonard Hubbard. (71)

ITEM: That LRH was issued license to master of motor vessels, and sailing vessels by the U.S. Department of Commerce. (1),(9),(16)

  • These licenses are issued by the U.S. Coast Guard, a department of the Commerce Dept. (77),(78)
  • The Coast Guard can not locate any record of any license being issued to LRH. (79),(80)


ITEM: That LRH was a top sergeant in the Marine Corps. (80)

  • LRH, serial #227219, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in Washington D.C. four months before he entered George Washington University on 1 May, 1930. His enlistment period was for four years. The date of birth listed is 13 Mar. 1909 his occupation as photographer, and his home as Oakcrest, Virginia.
  • LRH's service was with the Marine Corps reserve, he was not called to active duty and did not spend any time on active duty, although his record shows that he was "trained" from 23 August 1931 to 10??? September, 1931.
  • On the 26th of June, less that two months after LRH enlisted the record shows that he was promoted to First Sergeant (E-8) from private. This skips six ranks from private first class to Master Sergeant. The Marine Corps Headquarters is unable to determine how this happened.
  • LRH was rated as 'excellent' in military efficiency, sobriety, and obedience. On 22 October 1931 LRH received an honorable discharge with the condition that he not be re-enlisted.
  • The physical description from his service record: 5'10 , 165#, grey eyes, red hair ruddy complexion, scar on back of right elbow, and birthmark inside right ankle. (75)

ITEM: That LRH was commissioned before WWII. (1), (16)

  • LRH serial #113392, Was commissioned as an Ensign on 19 July 1941. (74)

ITEM: That LRH was ordered to the Philippine Islands at the outbreak of that war. (1)

  • In 1941 the Philippine Islands were in the 16th Naval District. (83)
  • LRH was never attached to the 16th Naval District. (74)
  • At the beginning of WWII (Dec 1941) LRH was at the headquarters of the 3rd naval District which was in New York. (74), (83)

ITEM: That LRH was the first returned casualty of the war in the Pacific. (1)

  • LRH left the United States on 18 Dec. 1941 for Australia, and returned to the U.S. on 2 April 1942. (74)

ITEM: That after LRH was returned to the U.S., without a rest was ordered to take command of a Navy ship known as a 'corvette'. (1)

  • Hubbard's next duty station after returning from Australia, was New York. (74)

ITEM: That LRH rose to command a squadron. (l),(82)

  • LRH was in command of one U.S. Navy ship during his Navy career. This ship was the USS PC-815, a destroyer escort vessel with a crew of about 60. LRH took command of the PC-815 on the date of her commissioning, 21 April 1943. The PC-815 remained at the Albina Shipyards in Portland, Oregon until the end of May 1943 then steamed down the Willamette and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific, and south to San Diego where she underwent training exercises off the coast of California and Mexico. On June 28, 1943, LRH ordered his crew to fire the ships 3" gun, and .30 and .45 caliber small arms. At the time that the 3" gun was fired, the inhabited Coronados Islands, in Mexican neutral territorial waters, were in the line of fire.
    A board of investigation was convened aboard the PC-815 and heard testimony from sixteen officers and enlisted men of the crew, and a few days later a Lt. Thomas Strickland replaced LRH as commanding officer, who was assigned to temporary duty in the issuing office of the 11th Naval District HQ, in San Diego. This was the only command of LRH. (74)(84)(85)

ITEM: That LRH was extensively decorated. (11), (82)

  • LRH received the following decorations: The American Defense Service Medal, The American Campaign Medal, The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, and The WWII Victory Medal. (74)

ITEM: That LRH was crippled and blinded at the end of the war, and found himself at Oak Knoll Military Hospital, in Oakland, Ca. (16)

  • LRH was admitted to Oak Knoll on 5 Sept. 1945, and was discharge 4 Dec. 45. (74)
  • The Navy Department will not reveal the reason for this hospitalization. (87)
  • The Los Angeles Times reported that a spokesman for the Navy Department stated that there is nothing in LRH's service record to indicate that he received medical treatment for any injuries sustained during his Navy service. (88)
  • LRH remained on active duty from 4 Dec. 1945 till 17 Feb. 1946. (74)
  • The Navy Department will not comment on where LRH was for this period of ten weeks, as it would be an unwarranted invasion of his privacy. (90)
  • The day after LRH left Oak Knoll, he applied to the Veterans Administration for disability benefits for a duodenal ulcer. (89)
  • On 17 Feb 1946 LRH was awarded a 10% disability for a duodenal ulcer. (89) This was increased to 40% on 11 Dec 1947, to include arthritis, bursitis, and an eye inflammation-conjunctivitis. (89) LRH presently receives Veterans disability benefits of $182.00 per month. (92)

ITEM: That LRH, while aboard a ship in the South Pacific, had the real life adventures that the movie "Mr. Roberts" was based on. LRH told the story of his adventures to a number of people, and the movie was made without his knowledge. The Captain of that ship was Axton T. Jones. (1)

  • During LRH's Navy career, he served on two ships. The first, the PC-815 never left the coast of California or Mexico while LRH was aboard. (74)
  • The second ship was the USS Algol. (74)
  • The USS Algol was commissioned in Portland, Oregon on the 22nd of July 1944 and remained there until late August and then steamed South to the San Francisco area where she underwent training manoeuvres. LRH was navigation Officer and Training officer. (74)
  • On 3 October the Algol got underway to the South Pacific where she won two battle stars for her part in the invasion of Okinawa. (91),(93)
  • On Wednesday 27 Sept. — 6days before the Algol was underway, someone made an attempt to sabotage her, by concealing a coke bottle full of gasoline with a cloth wick inserted, among cargo that was to be hoisted aboard. This was discovered by LRH. The FBI and the Office of Naval Intelligence was called to the scene to investigate. (91)
  • On Thursday 28 September LRH was relieved of duty and transferred to a training school at Princeton University, New Jersey. (74)
  • The captain of the USS Algol was Axton T. Jones. (91)

ITEM: That LRH's grandfather Captain Lafayette Waterbury and great grandfather Captain I.C. DeWolfe helped to make American Naval history. (9)

  • The Navy Department can not locate any record of either one. (94),(95),(96)
  • LRH's grandmother was named I.C. (Ida Corinne) DeWolfe.

ITEM: That LRH was a member of the Montana Amy National Guard. (74),(81)

  • The Montana National guard has no record of LRH and do not indicate that there are any missing records. (97),(98)


ITEM: That LRH wrote and had published fifteen million words before WWII. (1)

A list of published works by LRH under his own name and the various pen names he was known to use, was compiled from the National Union, the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, Contemporary Authors, the card catalogue of the British Museum, Living Authors, Twentieth Century Authors a computer print out from the Library of Congress, and back issues of Argossy, Astounding Science Fiction, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Startling Science Fiction, and Amazing Stories, and other sources. (100)

  • The approximate total words of the stories and books listed is less that one million. (100)
  • The Library of Congress has no reference works listed that were not checked for publications by LRH. (101)
  • Hubbard's agent, Ackerman Associates, in Hollywood advised that they are not aware of any pen names used by Hubbard other than Rene Lafayette Thomas Esterbrook, Captain B.A. Northrop, 'Elron', Winchester Remington Colt, and Kurt von Rachen (102),(103). All of which checked. (100)

ITEM: That LRH wrote the screenplay for the Columbia Pictures serial, "The Secret of Treasure Island". (1)

  • The screenplay for that series was written by George Merick and Elmer Clifton based upon a story by George Rosener and LRH. (104)

ITEM: That LRH was one of aviations most distinguished pilots who soloed his first time in a propeller driven aircraft. (81),(102)

LRH was issued commercial glider pilot certificate #385 on 1 Sept. 1931. It expired on 15 Sept 1933 and was not renewed. The Federal Aviation Administration has no record of LRH having been issued any pilot license. In putting this article together, I have used every document that I have for each of these thirty items, and have not held back certain ones for the purpose of discrediting L. Ron Hubbard.


Neither have I selected which items I wanted to use, rather I have put this list together from the various biographies published in Scientology books, listing every significant event they include, with the exception of no. 30 which is from "The Pilot", July, 1934, as reported by George Malko in "Scientology: The NOW Religion".

Because I have included all this material, some 'items' have more sources of documentation that others. For some items this is not conclusive, for others, it is.

What is interesting is that when this article is considered as something more that just the sum total of it's parts (holistically) it presents a portrait, an image — with the exception of Hubbard's birth and family information, the documents do not support one single item — an image of a man who is not all he is said to be.


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