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Dr. David I. Minkoff


Quackwatch (Aug. 2001): "Revocation Ordered for 'Biological Dentist' Douglas Phillips, DDS"

David Ira Minkoff, M.D., who testified on Phillips's behalf, also had serious trouble. On August 3, 2001, the Florida Board of Medicine fined him $10,000 and suspended his license for one year, to be followed by two years of probation [3]. Minkoff, a Scientologist, was implicated in the death of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who allegedly died of malnutrition while in the custody of other Scientologists. Documents in the case indicate that even though Minkoff had never met McPherson, he prescribed sedative medication by telephone to Church of Scientology staff members who had called on her behalf. Although admitting no guilt, Minkoff reached a $100,000 settlement in 1997 in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by McPherson's estate [4].

St. Petersburg Times (Aug. 2001): "Doctor in Lisa McPherson case suspended"

David I. Minkoff loses his license for one year for improperly prescribing drugs for the Scientologist.

TALLAHASSEE — Florida's Board of Medicine has sternly sanctioned Clearwater physician David I. Minkoff, finding he improperly prescribed medicine for a patient he had never seen — Scientologist Lisa McPherson.

Minkoff, also a Scientologist, prescribed Valium and the muscle relaxant chloral hydrate at the behest of unlicensed Church of Scientology staffers who were trying to nurse McPherson, 36, through a severe mental breakdown. [...]

St. Petersburg Times (Sep. 1998): "Doctor settles his part of wrongful death suit"

The doctor who pronounced Scientologist Lisa McPherson dead pays her estate $100,000.

A Clearwater doctor who declared Scientologist Lisa McPherson dead when she arrived at a New Port Richey hospital in December 1995 has paid her estate $100,000 to settle his portion of a wrongful death suit McPherson's family filed against the Church of Scientology and others. [...]

Statement of David Minkoff in the Lisa McPherson criminal investigation (May 1998)

Mr. Minkoff was the physician on duty in the Columbia New Port Richey Hospital when scientologists came in carting a dead Lisa McPherson on a wheelchair. David Minkoff is a scientologist too.

He has since then settled with the McPherson Estate in the civil case (SP Times 15.09.1998).

Administrative Judge William F. Quattlebaum ruled in May 2001 that although Clearwater physician David Minkoff was not responsible for the death of Lisa McPherson, he illegally prescribed Valium and chloral hydrate to her at the behest of other church members ( News 26.07.2001). For that his license was suspended one year (SP Times 4.08.2001). [...]

Lisa McPherson Files (Apr. 1997): "Statement of David Minkoff"

Interview with Dr. David Minkoff (15 April 1996)

Det. Sudler: Dr. Minkoff, for the record, could you state your name, address, and date of birth for me?

Minkoff: Uh Huh. David Minkoff, X, Clearwater, Florida. Birthdate is X/48.

Det. Sudler: Okay. Thank you. Dr. Minkoff, uh. . .a couple of months ago, I conducted a brief interview with you at Columbia New Port Richey Hospital concerning Lisa McPherson.

Minkoff: Uh Huh. [...]

Kristi Wachter: "David Minkoff - Scientology Service Completions"

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