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Kimberly Darr, Dave Bowser and Narconon Stone Hawk

Kimberly Darr, about her fiancé Dave Bowser at Narconon Stone Hawk: "... then they have broken his spirit, he talks about suicide ..."

The Wog Blog (Feb. 24, 2007): "Beneath the Planet of Vince Daniels and Stonehawk"

Segment two features features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig from last week’s show. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stonehawk recently. Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, was kicked out of the the facility immediately after last week’s show aired. He was dropped off at a motel 20 miles away with a few dollars in his pocket. Sheri had to drive 11 hours through a snowstorm to pick him up.

Kim reports that Dave is in another non-Narconon program and doing better but traumatized by his experiences and facing trust-issues.

She has contact info for the authorities in Michigan. If you have complaints about the Narconon program, call John Wilhelmsen in charge of licensing for the State of Michigan at (517) 241-1970 and Jeannie Diver, the Quality Assurance Manager for the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission at (517) 337-4406 extension 111.

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Kimberly Darr (Feb. 19, 2007): "Vince Daniels, Kate Wickstrom, HIPPA"


What's even more funny is that Per called David's mom Friday and she told him that David and I were going to be on the Vince Daniels show and he asked who that was.....said he has never heard of him. Then after talking to her about refunding her the 27.9K she had already spent and not wanting to involve attorneys because it just eats up money.....he said "but if David and Kim are going to be flying out to California to do that radio show I'll be more inclined not to want to work with you." His mom never said ANYTHING about California......BUSTED PER!!!

Nothing but lies from the very beginning! Shit certainly does run downhill!!

The Wog Blog (Feb. 17, 2007): "Vinnie Has Stonehawk Cornered"
Segment one features Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig. Kimberly’s fiancée, Dave Bowser, left Stonehawk recently but Sheri’s fiancée, Daryl, still remains in the Narconon program.

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Kimberly Darr (Feb. 5, 2007): "Found another one from Narconon Stone Hawk Greg Beha"

I currently have a fiancé there and his parents and I am very upset not knowing what to do.....he needs help and we've already taken from their retirement to pay for this and he's been there 6 weeks. Total depression, badly treated, verbally and mentally abused, bad headaches and now his kidneys hurt and his sugar levels are up from taking 2500mg of niacin a day!! He had to beg for a week to finally be seen by a doctor to have blood tests done.....of course he still is forced to take the niacin plus all the vitamins/drinks they force on him otherwise he doesn't get to pass. We would love to get involved in a class action suit and I talk to him twice a day.....any questions I should ask him??? It's not just about the's about saving lives and getting help when an addict FINALLY reaches his end and is begging for it.

But like he said....."whose going to believe me......I'm a junkie to the world." (He's a 32 year old VERY handsome professional who has battled addiction for 10 years)

Kimberly Darr (Feb. 5, 2007): "Show cancelled - Lawyer got guests tounge/bought them off"

And there are plenty of us that have loved ones that are currently going through hell and we are feeling completely lost! You can't imagine how a parent or girlfriend/fiancé feels after thinking you've researched and found a great place close enough to visit and then the parent's pony up 27.5K and after 6 weeks they have broken his spirit, he talks about suicide because he feels he is stuck there to not disappoint his parents and to prove he really WANTS help. He is taking 2500mg of niacin daily and his kidneys hurt and his blood sugars are up compared to when he first got there. he had to beg for a week to finally get blood tests and now they are just lying and telling him whatever he needs to hear to stay another day. I've been with him for way over a year and I've never seen him so devastated and we (his parents and I) have never felt so helpless.

Please don't give up just because some people are quietened! It's not about the money to's about saving lives!!! We still need your help!