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Tom Cruise's (and Scientology's) crusade against Psychiatry and Psychology: Tom Cruise knows the real cause of mental illnesses

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Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise says the medication that Brooke Shield took to treat her postpartum depression masks the problem. He seems to know what is the real cause of her postpartum depression, I wish he could tell us what he thinks is the real cause...

"It masks the problem"... Let's see: one core belief of Scientology is that we (human) are invaded by clusters of dead alien souls (body thetans). As long as these "body thetans" are not "kicked out" through Scientology's expensive auditing, you can't really be happy: not possible, since they are the real causes of all our problems. As a matter of fact, high-level scientologists spend a good chunk of money and time auditing out these "body thetans" (often abbreviated "BTs"), and there is no end to it. A former high-level scientologist recounts:

To my great dismay, I discovered that the rest of the Bridge to Total Freedom was all about BTs, BTs, and more BTs.

Tom Cruise, being a good scientologist, really believe that Brooke Shield has clusters of body thetans attached to her, causing her postpartum depression. That makes so much more sense!

Of course, Tom Cruise denies this belief [abc news]: who would take Scientology seriously if he admitted to it?

One of the most important aspect of being a scientologist in good standing is to keep Scientology growing (aside never doubting a single assertion of L. Ron Hubbard), and therefore lying is an acceptable practice for a member of the Church of Scientology — whatever it takes to spread Scientology:

So, why does Cruise continue to fuel this debate? Being in the midst of a promotional tour for his latest movie, it may be as simple as the old adage, "any press is good press." However, some of his actions and the interviews he has given suggest it is about more than just getting publicity or attacking psychiatry, it is also an aggressive and intentional attempt to promote Scientology. He affirmed as much in the Today Show interview when Lauer asked, "Do you want more people to understand Scientology? Would that be a goal of yours?" To which Cruise responded, "You know what? Absolutely."

Watchman Fellowship: "Tom Cruise, Phone Home" by Bob Waldrep

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