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Tom Cruise's (and Scientology's) crusade against Psychiatry and Psychology: Tom Cruise about Ritalin

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Tom Cruise


Ushma S. Neill, Executive Editor of The Journal of Clinical Investigation in Tom Cruise is dangerous and irresponsible:

«Throughout these and other interviews, Cruise spewed a number of irresponsible statements, attempting to pass them off as facts. However, several of Cruise’s statements are very easy to dispel as false.

With regard to the number of children currently taking drugs to control ADHD, Cruise is quoted as saying “[Psychiatrists] said, ‘Oh, you know, Ritalin is safe. It’s safe. It’s safe.’ Ritalin is an amphetamine” (2). The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) begs to differ. Ritalin (a stimulant, but not an amphetamine) has been shown to amplify the release of dopamine and thereby improve attention and focus in individuals who have weak dopamine signals, such as those with ADHD (3). NIDA goes on to note that ADHD patients do not become addicted to Ritalin or similar medications when taken in the form and dosage prescribed by doctors, and it has been reported that individuals with ADHD who are treated with Ritalin are significantly less likely than those who do not receive treatment to abuse drugs and alcohol when they are older (4).»

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