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Total Freedom

«Scientology is a religious philosophy in its highest meaning as it brings man to Total Freedom.» — L. Ron Hubbard, Religious Philosophy and Religious Practice, 21 June 1960, revised 18 April 1967
«You have to understand that the people in Scientology do what Ron wants. And if they think that Ron wants whatever it is they're doing, whether they personally disagree with it or not, they'll do it anyway.» — Janie Peterson, City of Clearwater Commission Hearing: The Church of Scientology, Day 4
«We simply do as Ron says» — Dennis H. Clarke, scientologist, in "About Myself"

Jon Atack: "The Total Freedom Trap: Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard"

The Church of Scientology very rapidly comes to dominate the member, prohibiting contact with anyone hostile to the movement, and insisting that a huge conspiracy exists which is intent upon destroying Scientology. The mark of a fanatic is the inability to even consider evidence. Unfortunately most Scientologists simply close their eyes and ears to criticism.

Chris Owen (2000): "The Control Agenda: Control, Responsibility and Freedom in the Church of Scientology"

In the second sphere, the risks of disunity and misuse of Scientology technology have been reduced by establishing a tough disciplinary code, rigorously enforced, but at the cost of suppressing individual expression and liberty. It is surely a deep irony that an individual who has gained control over "matter, energy, space and time" should simultaneously be prohibited on pain of expulsion from expressing views dissenting from those of Scientology's leaders or official policies. The same trend of sacrificing something important for the sake of achieving a Scientology goal is carried over into the third sphere, with disturbing consequences for Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.

Gerry Armstrong: "Scientology's Ultimate Weapon: The Bridge to Total Freedom"

[...] From 1966, without cease, Scientology’s leaders, first Hubbard and then the Miscavige regime, have been beating on their opponents, and on their own people, with this ultimate weapon, total freedom. The cult’s leaders promise unlimited freedom, use "Total Freedom" for their war cry, and have turned their own people into stupid visionaries chanting of endless freedom. Just as Hubbard predicted, Scientology and Scientologists, with their cruel total freedom lie, are well down the road to failure, caught in Hubbard’s “perfect trap,” only becoming slaves. [...]

Chuck Beatty (2006): "Heady concept: 'freedom'"

There are so overwhelming numbers of crimes and penalties LRH wrote for being off-source, out-tech, out-ethics, other-intentioned, false-data-prone, evil-purposed, other-fish-to-fry, squirrel. The longer one reads LRH, the more the "channels" for keeping in ethics appear out of his writings to keep one going right down HIS idea of how to get to "freedom."

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