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Gross Income (GI)

«One of the most important Stats (statistics) for cult groups.» The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5 by Martin Hunt
«The statistic of the Registrar is changed to the GROSS INCOME OF THE ORG. [...] It is NOT how many people the Registrar sees, nor how many items sold but the gross income from all items sold.» L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 14 July 1970, "REGISTRAR STATISTIC"

The Sunday Times (Jan. 2007): "Revealed: how Scientologists infiltrated Britain's schools"

I was part of a team that would be paid according to how much money the organisation made each week — a figure partly dependent on how many people we recruited. [...]

Forbes (1986): "The prophet and profits of Scientology" by Richard Behar

According to Schomer and others, Hubbard's weekly gross income was the most important statistic kept by ASI, and it was ordained that the income keep rising. Explains Schomer: "(Say) last week's income for Hubbard was $750,000 and this week is down. In order to keep the graph on its vertical trend to $800,000, they would come up with the figure to be used and then find something that would justify that kind of money to Hubbard, like special courses or E-meters that he had once designed. Each item had potential values put on them."

Toronto Globe and Mail (1974): "Probe of religious sect’s practices sought by ex-members" by John Marshall

One bulletin gives leader Hubbard’s glowing endorsement of Big League Sales Closing techniques, a book by a U.S. super salesman type, "Use it to the hilt, Make More Money," she claims she was told.

Mrs. McLean also did her part, she says, to make more money for the organization when she was a highly regarded member of the Toronto unit.

She says she twice falsified her income so that she could sign for bank loans needed by two students who wanted to buy more courses. The McLeans put more than $9,000 of their own into the organization.

Affidavit of Martin Ottmann (19 April 1996)

The Promotion


We, the staff of the FSO, worked the whole day and the whole week for 30 $ or less, and we got treated for that like we were criminals: We were shouted at by the "senior executives" of the FSO at staff musters. When the GI of the FSO dropped, our food was sometimes limited to rice and beans. Staff, who didn’t produce enough, were sent to the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), the Sea Org penal colony, or assigned to MEST-Work. ...

In spite of all the circumstances the GI of my department was up trending, we even made two "Highest Evers" in May of ‘92 with around 105,000 $ in one week.

The Rehabilitation Project Force


Jean Nichols was the Director of Income FSO in 1991. She had to book all the money, that the FSO had made and was supposed to make additional "GI" by "phone regging publics". She made an average-GI of 90,000 $ each week, which was not enough for her seniors. At a GI-meeting Kim Hickock, "Deputy Flag Case Course Intensive Product Officer for Gross Income" (D/FCCI PO for GI), screamed at her, she should knock off her counter-intentions, when Jeannie had replied, that a quota of 100,000 $ per week would be unreal for her to achieve. Jeannie finally gave in, after she was threatened with an "ethics handling".

Comm Evs, Courts Of Ethics And Other Punishments


In early 1992, when the GI of the FSO repeatedly under the 1,500,000 $-mark, Kim Hickock, the D/FCCI PO for GI was fired from her post. Together with Rosalynne Harris, the Dissem. Sec FSO, Paul Hickock, the Director of Registration and Ginger Aguilar, the 16 year old Director of Publications, she was assigned a lower condition, had to do amends and landed at the end on a lower post in the hierarchy of the FSO.


In 1992 the GI of the FSO reached in one week only 1,100,000 $. When it looked in the next week, that the FSO "wouldn’t pull it off", all the staff were placed under the "Rice and beans"-order. We didn’t get any pay for three weeks and could only eat rice and beans twice a day.
The Means Of Control


We were continually urged and ordered to rise our personal production. If the Gross Income of the FSO was low, we were screamed at and threatened with "ethics handlings" by Debbie Cook.


Briefings on campaigns and actions of Scientology-management against its enemies were used to show the staff of the FSO the necessity of a high production, especially of a high GI. We were told that only a GI of 3,000,000 $ per week could finance all the actions the Scientology-management planned to do. The briefings were held by senior executives of the Flag Land Base, such as Angela Quirino, Flag Rep FSO, and Sonny Klinsiek, Finance Director FLB or by senior executives of the management, like Bill Dendiu, "Chief Officer" of "Golden Era Productions" or Heber Jentzsch, President of "Church of Scientology International".

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