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Agenda 11/25/2008 8:55 AM

VIDEO STREAMED FROM Riverside County Board of Supervisors portal

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Supervisor Buster expresses concern that the proposed ordinance would prohibit pickets such as the Dokich picket that the supervisors participated in
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Supervisor Stone (introduces the ordinance) "This ordinance came about as a result of a group of individuals that have been very outspoken and admonishing the rights of others to practice a religion and they have been extremely contentious and it was as a result of their request that we examined what we could do because some of thesevery hateful individuals that just have a problem with this particular religion were engaging in some very contentious and potentially violent administrations, uh, demonstrations in front of their property that was totally inappropriate. We are also seeing that, as a result of prop 8 passing, that there has been some demonstrations agianst church groups and protests that have maybe stepped over the line. This does not stop residential pickeing whether it's a public official which was actually the last person I thought would benefit from this. I was really thinking of this particular issue where we have political issues like prop 8 that can be very controversial and we have 49% voting No, 51% voting yes and some very serious issues in the minds of people that get very passionate. But this does not limit one going into a neighborhood, just that you must keep a 300 foot distance from the property that you are protesting. I think it'll go a long ways in preventing violence. I think tht people will still have the right to protest, but we are living today in a world where there still exists a lot of hate. I wish I could tell you that things were different. But there is hate for different religions, there is hate for different creeds, there is hate for different races. You know, like Senator John McCain said when he congratulated Barack Obama for being president, he said Barack Obama is now going to be my president, he's going to be all of our president, and it's my undersanding that the number of hate threats against him because of color is an embarrassment I think to this country and it's something that cannot be condoned and we need to do what we can locally her to allow people to have the freedom of expression and not provide a bully pulpit for hate and I think that by creatign this ordinance which by the way was modelled after the City of Palm Desert's ordinance, where Chairman Wilson presided over many many years very successfully and it worked and I have no problem tweaking if we find that it limits one's constitutional rights of expression but my goal is to allow for peaceful demonstration in private areas that does not create a danger or heighten anxiety for those that are being protested against from leaving their homes in trying to escape, if you will, the demonstration that is being implemented against them. So I'm looking forward o hearing testimony from the public, but this was brought forward by a group that was very concerned about hate crimes. I wish I had the pamphlet that was given to me by this, I believe it was a white superiority group that has had problems with this one particular religious group and condoned a lot of very nontraditional ways of life that I think many of us would find very appalling. But that is their right to try to promote that lifestyle but I think it creeated a potnetial danger for those that were the beneficiaries to some of their slander and outrageous protests against their religion.
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Supervisor Tavaglione talks about having his own home picketed, that City of Riverside has an ordinance, that being picketed is part of the job for public officials, but that he likes the ordinance
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Buster raises issue of displacement.
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Stone says that doesn't matter because you are not picketing the residence you have been displaced to.
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County Counsel Joe S Rank acknowledges that the displacement would be obnoxious for the people at the non-targetted residence when the picketers were forced to move there.
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Buster does not want to relocate the picketers to the homes of uninvolved parties
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Wilson asks Rank if there was a constitutional review
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Rank talks about constitutially valid restrictions
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Stone remarks that there are speakers
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Wilson asks "Mr. Alhadeff, do you want to address this item?"
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Sam Alhadeff, lawyer for scientology, speaks without indicating that he is acting on behalf of scientology. Whether the Board was aware of Alhadeff's client and his consequent obligation at that time is undetermined. Alhadeff: "Yes, thank you very much. Supervisor Buster, I appreciate your comments and what occurred here was a complete analysis of existing statute, existing ordinances in cities and counties..
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Alhadeff says ordinance will have effect of discouraging pickets.
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Buster says this is either disturbing people 300 feet away or effectively preventing picketing.
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Wilson stops debate between Alhadeff and Buster.
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Stone starts out talking about Dokich.
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Stone talks about "potentially very intimidating and dangerous situations", says he would "be very happy to release the pamphlet that I have of this hateful organization that doesn't like a particular religion and says very specifically what they would like to see happen to members of that religion that is appalling, disgraceful, and embarrassing and in a way this becomes a little bit of a public safety issue when you get some of these extremist organizations that certainly have the right to protest but they don't have the right to step on people's property and intimidate them into fear and to trying to escape their own private residences. This has been tested by the courts. It's been adopted by respectable municipal agencies and we'll monitor it and if it becomes a problem where people are protesting in front of a home adjacent to a home that is the target of the protest and they have problems then I'm sure we will hear from them. And if we have to tailor the ordinance to make it accommodatable to all those that are affected by the ordinance, then we'll take a second look. But I think at a first glance I think County Counsel seems very satisfied with it. I think it gives people that are being protested against, especially those that are being protested by hate-mongering organizations, that they have some remedies in the event that these protests get out of control on their private property, that they have the appropriate protections that they're also afforded under the Constitution of the United Stated. So, with that I'd like to make a motion that we introduce ordinance number 884 regulating targeted residential picketing."
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Wilson calls for vote.
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Wilson asks for result of vote.