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Nov 25, 2008
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Dec 9, 2008
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Jan 6, 2009
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Jan 13, 2009
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Agenda 12/9/2008 9:29 AM

VIDEO STREAMED FROM Riverside County Board of Supervisors portal

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1. Jump to 00:69:43 (4183 seconds)
Buster declares his continued opposition to the ordinance.
2. Jump to 00:71:53 (4313 seconds)
Wilson opens discussion of ordinance.
3. Jump to 01:12:22 (4342 seconds)
Speaker 1 Julie Walcz
4. Jump to 01:15:55 (4555 seconds)
Wilson calls speaker 2.
5. Jump to 01:16:05 (4565 seconds)
Susan Elliot
6. Jump to 01:19:22 (4762 seconds)
Wilson calls spealer 3.
7. Jump to 01:19:36 (4776 seconds)
8. Jump to 01:23:35 (5015 seconds)
Wilson announces speakers are finished and asks for Board comment.
9. Jump to 01:23:45 (5025 seconds)
Wilson asks Alhadeff if he wishes to speak.
10. Jump to 01:23:47 (5027 seconds)
11. Jump to 01:25:12 (5112 seconds)
Alhadeff continues "I've talked to County Counsel in terms of this ordinance. I would be pleased if it would be acceptable to spend a little bit of time with the County Counsel and to perhaps look at what could be done to improve the language of this particular ordinance. I think we've drafted in a very constitutionally defensible way. When I say we, the Coounty Counsel, she and I had talked, Pam, Pam Walls and I had talked about this this morning. This very same language has been upheld in the United States Supreme Court..."
12. Jump to 01:26:40 (5200 seconds)
Stone asks Alhadeff how the ordinance would apply to Dokich.
13. Jump to 01:27:20 (5240 seconds)
Alhadeff says picketers coulld have marched up and down the street to protest Dokich.
14. Jump to 01:29:14 (5354 seconds)
Alhadeff continues and offers to change the ordinance if the Board is concerned abou the 300 foot "distance factor". Quote: "If it's the distance factor that is questioned in most people's mind then I think we should look at that just in terms of what the cases have upheld and take a distance factor measurement and perhaps change that."
15. Jump to 01:29:34 (5374 seconds)
Stone is concerned that the "congregation with KFI" across from Dokich would be illegal under the ordinance.
16. Jump to 01:29:45 (5385 seconds)
Alhadeff "It would have been considered targeted picketing to a particular residence but the sex offender would have had to have been the one to call and request the assistance. So, if that's the question, Supervisor, certainly Miss Walls and I could look at that with your staff."
17. Jump to 01:30:01 (5401 seconds)
Stone starts talking with Alhadeff about "hateful groups", "one of which is called Anonymous", and asks Alhadeff if Anonymous was responsible for any of the recent protests against Scientology at "the Hemet location."
18. Jump to 01:30:32 (5432 seconds)
Alhadeff talks about having personal experience of hateful behavior and prejudice because he has an autistic son, and loss of family in Nazi concentration camps. He says Anonymous has targeted Scientology, the epilepsy society, Jews, and ahve done many hateful things. Alhadeff implied Anonymous was responsible for the recent mass murder/suicide in Finland. "When they do come to protest, and they have come to protest here at the campus, they wear masks. They wear robes."
19. Jump to 01:32:34 (5554 seconds)
AO again.
20. Jump to 01:36:07 (5767 seconds)
Stone goes to podium to show Scientology-provided propoganda.about Anonymous.
21. Jump to 01:36:27 (5787 seconds)
Stone shows propoganda, acts as if he believes it is factual.
22. Jump to 01:41:07 (6067 seconds)
Buster says there are existing laws to deal with conspiracies and hate crimes.
23. Jump to 01:45:07 (6307 seconds)
Wilson agrees with Buster that ordinance goes too far.
24. Jump to 01:45:34 (6334 seconds)
Stone wants the right to protest Dokich then introduces freedom of religion and says he thinks there should be some limits protecting people in private residences and ensuring public safety is not jeopardized.
25. Jump to 01:47:21 (6441 seconds)
Stone finally moves "that we continue this off-calendar, work with County Counsel, work with Mr. Alhadeff if he'd like to participate, and work with the Sheriff to get his input because I want the Board to be as united on this as possible. Again, this was not an attempt to limit right of expression, right to protest. I fully support the right of protest, I support the right to petition, but I also am a very strong believer in the freedom of religion and we cannot condone the violent attacks of organizations like Anonymous on religious groups or any other groups based on race, color, or creed. We shouldn't condone it as a society and we should expose these people for what they are."
26. Jump to 01:48:07 (6487 seconds)
Tavaglione seconds with a comment that the ordinance will not "prevent cowardly people who wear masks and capes from protesting, wanting to be seen, wanting to be arrested, truly cowarnds. It's not going to prevent that."
27. Jump to 01:48:39 (6519 seconds)
Wilson calls for vote.