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Nov 25, 2008
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Jan 6, 2009
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Jan 13, 2009
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Agenda 1/6/2009 9:1 AM

VIDEO STREAMED FROM Riverside County Board of Supervisors portal

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1. Jump to 00:04:19 (259 seconds)
Swearing in Stone.
2. Jump to 00:41:48 (2508 seconds)
Stone acclaimed as Chairman.
3. Jump to 00:54:04 (3244 seconds)
Stone reintroduces ordinance then calls first speaker.
4. Jump to 00:57:04 (3424 seconds)
Madison Davidson.
5. Jump to 01:00:32 (3632 seconds)
Tavaglione asks speaker if she represents Anonymous.
6. Jump to 01:00:58 (3658 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 2.
7. Jump to 01:01:10 (3670 seconds)
Garry Scarff.
8. Jump to 01:04:34 (3874 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 3.
9. Jump to 01:04:56 (3896 seconds)
Graham Berry.
10. Jump to 01:08:49 (4129 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 4.
11. Jump to 01:09:02 (4142 seconds)
Susan Elliot.
12. Jump to 01:12:04 (4324 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 5.
13. Jump to 01:12:13 (4333 seconds)
Donald Myers.
14. Jump to 01:15:25 (4525 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 6.
15. Jump to 01:15:40 (4540 seconds)
Alhadeff says repeatedly ordinance is "not about religion".
16. Jump to 01:16:22 (4582 seconds)
Alhadeff continues "We have listended to County Counsel, we worked with County Counsel to give them our thoughts and suggestions and County Counsel has independently arrived at what they consider to be an appropriate distance factor It's been upheld in the 8th Circuit, in fact the 300 feet has been upheld in the 9th Circuit as we talked about before. There are many counties that already have such an ordinance, many cities that already have such an ordinance..."
17. Jump to 01:18:04 (4684 seconds)
Stone calls speaker 7.
18. Jump to 01:18:30 (4710 seconds)
19. Jump to 01:21:50 (4910 seconds)
20. Jump to 01:24:36 (5076 seconds)
Buster asks if there is a spot picketers can protest, given the constraints of the ordinance.
21. Jump to 01:24:58 (5098 seconds)
Stone says "I believe they can go on the other side of the street. Mr. Alhadeff, can you verify that? We know it's a pretty topographically challenged area, but..."
22. Jump to 01:25:14 (5114 seconds)
Alhadeff responds "Yes", without elaborating.
23. Jump to 01:25:24 (5124 seconds)
Wilson asks for an explanation.
29. Jump to 01:25:29 (5129 seconds)
Stone says "There is room for people on the other side of the road to fall within that 50 feet from the property line to effectively protest what they believe to be problems within the religious institution."
30. Jump to 01:25:41 (5141 seconds)
Wilson questions Stone's interpretation of "property line" and is concerned the ordinance will eliminate legitimate protests at Goldd Base.
31. Jump to 01:26:21 (5181 seconds)
Walls answers Wilson's concerns despite the fact Alhadef had come to the podiun and was about to do so himself. She says "the ordinance does not prohibit general protesting, only protesting directed at a targetted or particular residence, and it does allow for protesting on the opposite side of the street. That is an exception in the sidewalk space, and that area is the area between where the street ends and the right of way, the improved area from the street to the property line.
32. Jump to 01:26:56 (5216 seconds)
Buster questions whether this contemplates the situation where a single owner owns properties on both sides of the street.
33. Jump to 01:27:19 (5239 seconds)
Walls says that the ordinance only applies to targeted residences, so ownership of property across the street is not a factor.
34. Jump to 01:27:31 (5251 seconds)
Alhadeff jumps in uninvited and says "To answer Supervisor Wilson and Supervisor Buster, what County Counsel has done is given you defined terms, so in the ordinance itself, at section 3b, it defines targeted picketing and then, at section 4, the prohibition is against picketing activity that is targeted. So there is plenty of places where people could voice their particular viewpoints and come well within being close to any area except the residence. Does that make sense? So, the answer, when I said 'Yes', the answer is there's many places along there where they can picket."
35. Jump to 01:28:16 (5296 seconds)
Buster asks for assurance there is no ambiguity about what constitutes a "residence."
36. Jump to 01:28:30 (5310 seconds)
Alhadeff says residences are "limited to an apartment complex on one side, and individual homes on another side", and picketing could occur across the street from residences.
37. Jump to 01:28:55 (5335 seconds)
Stone asks if protesters could go right up to the fence in the area of the film studio.
38. Jump to 01:29:07 (5347 seconds)
Alhadeff responds "absolutely."
39. Jump to 01:29:19 (5359 seconds)
Stone seeks assurance that the ordinance "only puts a radius, basically, that is in front of or adjacent to a residence."
40. Jump to 01:29:25 (5365 seconds)
Alhadeff responds "Yes, that's correct."
41. Jump to 01:29:29 (5369 seconds)
Buster can live with this.
42. Jump to 01:29:32 (5372 seconds)
Wilson wants to know if County Counsel agrees with Alhadeff, which she does. He then asks a hypothetical about a large industrial site.
43. Jump to 01:30:04 (5404 seconds)
Stone says protesters can go right to the property line unless the site includes residential units.
44. Jump to 01:30:08 (5408 seconds)
Walls adds that protesters can generally protest, that they can protest in front of any commercial entity, that the ordinance only governs protestign a "particularized" residential dwelling.
45. Jump to 01:30:29 (5429 seconds)
Wilson asks if protesters can demonstrate at the main entrance of the Scientology compound.
46. Jump to 01:30:41 (5441 seconds)
Alhadeff says this is permitted,and says the problems of Jan 5 were caused by protesters obstructed the entrance and prevented ingress and egress.
47. Jump to 01:31:06 (5466 seconds)
Wilson asks "So, for the record, by passing this, we are not prohibiting protests, legitimate legal protesting, at the Church of Scientology's compound in Hemet, is that correct?"
48. Jump to 01:31:20 (5480 seconds)
Alhadeff responds "That's correct."
49. Jump to 01:31:30 (5490 seconds)
Stone moves adoption of ordinance 888.
50. Jump to 01:31:53 (5513 seconds)
Ashley seconds, and asks that AO be allowed to speak since Alhadeff had lots of time.
51. Jump to 01:32:03 (5523 seconds)
52. Jump to 01:32:53 (5573 seconds)
Stone asks AO to give a map of the Gold Base compound to the Clerk so areas where protests are permitted can be marked on it.
53. Jump to 01:33:00 (5580 seconds)
Ashley does not see a 50 foot radius as much of an imposition on protesters.
54. Jump to 01:33:27 (5607 seconds)
Buster asks who determines conforming locations for protesters if they ask in advance of a protest, and urges that some procedure be established to answer such inquiries.
55. Jump to 01:34:21 (5661 seconds)
Stone agrees to incorporate this as an amendment to the ordinance.
56. Jump to 01:34:27 (5667 seconds)
Wilson asks for a second amendment to require a report including detailed descriptions of all instances in which this ordinance is enforced, to be submitted in 6 months.
57. Jump to 01:34:50 (5690 seconds)
Stone and Ashley agree to both amendments, at which point Stone calls for a vote.
58. Jump to 01:35:00 (5700 seconds)
The Clerk indicates the Board is voting on ordinance 884, although Stone moved adoption of ordinance 888 at link 49.
59. Jump to 01:35:35 (5735 seconds)
Stone moves adoption of ordinance 888, which passes without discussion.