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Nov 25, 2008
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Dec 9, 2008
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Jan 6, 2009
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Jan 13, 2009
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Agenda 2/24/2009 8:59 AM

VIDEO STREAMED FROM Riverside County Board of Supervisors portal

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1. Jump to 00:00:3629 (3629 seconds)
Supervisor Stone opens item 3.55 for discussion.
2. Jump to 01:00:45 (3645 seconds)
Stone says ordinance is now strictly about public safety and discussion of Scientology, which he considers a religion, is inappropriate. He has previously said it was about freedom of religion (Nov 25, 2008 item 2, Dec 9, 2008, items 24 and 25, jan 13, 2009, items 7 and 28). Indeed, Stone is the only person to date who has claimed this ordinance is about freedom of religion.
3. Jump to 01:01:03 (3663 seconds)
Stone says protests in front of the Church of Scientology are generally not affected by this ordinance.
4. Jump to 01:01:50 (3710 seconds)
Stone says this ordinance is to protect the public from unspecified dangers that he speculates might arise in the future.
5. Jump to 01:02:40 (3760 seconds)
Stone describes this ordinance as less restrictive than similar ordinances, neglecting the important detail that this ordinance measures the "buffer zone" from the property line, rather than from the residence itself.
6. Jump to 01:04:25 (3865 seconds)
County Counsel Pam Walls
7. Jump to 01:04:45 (3885 seconds)
Walls says the ordinance is "not intended to prohibit any general protests against Scientology or any other topic". Walls describes limits to the application of the ordinance that are not part of the ordinance itself. She does not explain how these limits are determined, nor how they will be enforced. She also fails to explain what, if anything, will prevent representatives of the Church of Scientology from making complaints that protesters are violating the ordinance, even if they are completely compliant with her interpretation of the ordinance.
8. Jump to 01:07:44 (4064 seconds)
Undersheriff Valerie Hill says her department thinks the ordinance will be useful, but offers no explanation.
9. Jump to 01:08:23 (4103 seconds)
Supervisor Buster asks for specific cases that give rise to the need for this ordinance.
10. Jump to 01:08:41 (4121 seconds)
Hill knows of no specific cases.
11. Jump to 01:08:45 (4125 seconds)
Stone says there are "instances that are well-documented on the internet of residential harassment and violence", although he fails to provide any examples. However, he describes the ordinance as "necessary precautions to hopefully prevent that type of morbidity and mortality from happening."
12. Jump to 01:09:33 (4173 seconds)
Graham Berry
13. Jump to 01:10:34 (4234 seconds)
Supervisor Wilson asks Berry to refrain from discussing Scientology.
14. Jump to 01:10:57 (4257 seconds)
Berry responds with editorial from the Press Enterprise.
15. Jump to 01:11:54 (4314 seconds)
Stone says Berry's discussion of Golden Era Productions as a business entity has "no pertinence."
16. Jump to 01:12:06 (4326 seconds)
Walls says "we have now clarified the application of the ordinance since that press article so it is very limited in its application."
17. Jump to 01:12:22 (4342 seconds)
Berry questions Walls clarification.
18. Jump to 01:13:30 (4410 seconds)
Walls says "it will only be enforced against targetted residential picketing, not general picketing, not picketing of a commercial use, but when the picketing targets a particular residence and proceeds in front of and around that residence."
19. Jump to 01:13:46 (4426 seconds)
Berry responds that the ordinance as written invites litigation and dispute over what constitutes a residence.
20. Jump to 01:14:12 (4452 seconds)
Walls says the residences are on the east end of the property and that "they are not ambiguous."
21. Jump to 01:14:21 (4461 seconds)
Berry describes differences in interpretation from different sheriff's deputies, and repeats that this invites litigation at cost to both the picketers and the county.
22. Jump to 01:16:02 (4562 seconds)
Lirra Bishop questions Stone's relationship with Scientology attorney Sam Alhadeff and its impact on the ordinance process.
23. Jump to 01:21:44 (4904 seconds)
Stone: "Are you finished?"
24. Jump to 01:21:46 (4906 seconds)
Bishop: "Do I get an apology?"
25. Jump to 01:21:48 (4908 seconds)
Stone: "Are you finished?" Bishop: "I am" Stone: "Then sit down please."
26. Jump to 01:21:54 (4914 seconds)
Stone denies any conflict in his relationship with Alhadeff.
27. Jump to 01:23:18 (4998 seconds)
Stone: "I don't have to report to the Board, I don't have to report to the County Attorney when I hire a professional for my own private business. I only have to report, if and only if, I receive a gift or special consideration by such a professional, which has never been done."
28. Jump to 01:24:11 (5051 seconds)
Maureen Bolstead describes her experience as a Scientologist who was present during protests, and describes the problems the ordinance presents when she protests the Scientology policy that has broken up her family.
29. Jump to 01:26:37 (5197 seconds)
Walls repeats that the ordinance only regulates picketing that proceeds in front of or around the residences, at the east side of the property.
30. Jump to 01:27:17 (5237 seconds)
Bolstead asks what will happen if residences are added elsewhere.
31. Jump to 01:27:36 (5256 seconds)
Walls indicates that the location of residences is determined by building permits.
32. Jump to 01:27:46 (5266 seconds)
Bolstead asks how this ordinance changes anything from the status quo.
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Wilson: "We're not talking about Scientology. We're talking about a normal neighborhood where pickets that want to target your home, wherever you live, have to stay 30 feet away. Period. That's all it says."
38. Jump to 01:28:43 (5323 seconds)
Mark Bunker
39. Jump to 01:32:57 (5577 seconds)
Julie Waltz
40. Jump to 01:39:28 (5968 seconds)
Donald Myers
41. Jump to 01:42:33 (6153 seconds)
Catharine Fraser, who immediately launches into attack on Graham Berry.
42. Jump to 01:43:09 (6189 seconds)
Wison: "Mr Chairman, I don't think we should get involved in personal attacks."
43. Jump to 01:43:19 (6199 seconds)
Buster: "I would also urge you, address the ordinance itself. If you have issues with it or you like it or you don't like parts of it, let us know what that is. But these ad hominem comments do not help anything you are going to say."
44. Jump to 01:43:33 (6213 seconds)
Fraser: "Okay, good. I understand that. What I will do then is I will give you specific things about the people you have heard from so that you can understand who you're dealing with."
45. Jump to 01:43:42 (6222 seconds)
Wilson: "We don't want to know about the people that spoke. They had a right to speak. You have a right to speak. We tried to get them to address the ordinance. We'd like you to address the ordinance."
46. Jump to 01:43:54 (6234 seconds)
Fraser: "Thank you Mr Wilson. Okay, good. The umm.... Now let me go back to a specific situation having to do with specifically the protesters."
47. Jump to 01:45:09 (6309 seconds)
Fraser shows some pictures.
48. Jump to 01:45:31 (6331 seconds)
Fraser: "Now, the fact of the matter is that when this ordinance was turned over to County Counsel and to the sheriff to work out, we requested to meet with the sheriff so we could show him the evidence on what we had with the protesters. With all due respect to Mr Labahn, I want the Board to know that he did refuse to meet with us. Now as the video shows exactly what happens, we thought it was very important that he see that himself, and I personally, as we are the VICTIMS, I think it's outrageous that he didn't want to meet with me. And I'm the victim. But he didn't want to meet with me."
49. Jump to 01:46:11 (6371 seconds)
Fraser then smears Bunker with the Clearwater injunction.
50. Jump to 01:46:41 (6401 seconds)
Fraser: "I am for the ordinance and I want to work with the sheriff to have it so that we are safe, we are safe from the bomb threats, the death threats, the violence that we have had from many individuals across the country, so yes, I do support this ordinance. Thank you." Exactly how Fraser expects this ordinance to protect her from "the bomb threats, the death threats, the violence that we have had from many individuals across the country" is not clear.
51. Jump to 01:47:22 (6442 seconds)
Sam Alhadeff
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Ordinance 889, repealing ordinance 888, is passed unanimously, without discussion.
61. Jump to 03:02:05 (10925 seconds)
Lirra Bishop and Julie Waltz challenge Stone on his conduct, and enquire about a recall.