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Sea Org: accounts

Affidavit of Lawrence Woodcraft (24 January 2001, 1st)

«They completed the remodeling by June 1988 for the Maiden Voyage. By the time the ship was finished, all the paneling was put back in place and the walls were painted and wallpapered, the floors were carpeted and new furniture was installed. It looked great, but behind the paneling, the asbestos was left hanging and flaking and falling apart. The ceiling panels were set in a metal grid system, which is a long way from being airtight. Every time a panel is removed for routine maintenance, asbestos dust is released into the rooms, cabins and corridors of the ship. This is continuing to this day.»

Affidavit of Astra Woodcraft (24 January 2001)

«47. Another thing I had to do before being allowed to leave was sign an affidavit stating that I thought Scientology and the Sea Org were great and that I was leaving because I couldn't confront bad things I had done. I was told I could not leave without signing this document and that if I did leave before signing, I would be declared a suppressive person. I signed it knowing that it was not legal as it was signed under duress. It was the standard policy to make anyone who left the Sea Org sign such an affidavit and if you didn't agree to what they wrote in it, you were sent in for more confessionals and ethics handlings until you did.»

Affidavit of Zoe Woodcraft (24 January 2001)

«125. Regarding medical treatment while I was in the Sea Org, I once fractured my foot when I was about 13. My bone was fractured from my pinky bone to my ankle and I was in terrible pain. I couldn't walk at all and stayed in bed late, but still had to get up and work. The cadet coordinator checked me and told me I just had a sprain. After about a week it was not better so I went to the MLO. I waited all day and no one helped me. They finally helped me toward the end of the day. One of the MLOs took me to a nearby scientology chiropractor.

126. I was told this chiropractor would take cheap x-rays. She took them, saw the fracture and pointed it out to me and advised me to see a doctor. I was never taken to a doctor. To this day, my foot still hurts and aches when I run.»

Mike McClaughry, former Guardian Office officer

«Mike McClaughry has been a Scientologist since 1968.

He joined staff at the San Francisco org in 1969 to become an auditor. After five years as a Class III auditor and Academy supervisor, he was recruited into the Guardian's Office. At that time, Kathy O'Gorman was the Assistant Guardian (AG) and Vaughn Young was the Assistant Guardian for Public Relations (AG PR). Mike was recruited to be the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence (AGI).»

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (27 July 1998)

«15. In late 1991, my wife Monika became pregnant and although we were elated, she was ordered to abort the child. The reason for the abortion order is that Sea Org members were not allowed to have children. The order devastated both my wife and me. Our dedication as Sea Org members clashed violently with our intentions as parents and we went through a personal nightmare with me opposing it, to no avail. She got the abortion and afterwards she was not the same.»

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