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L. Ron Hubbard's signature

Recently, I read a portion of a transcript of “Prince interview” by FACTnet's Larry Wollersheim (circa August 1998.) There is a passage I found most interesting, reproduced below (“L”=Lawrence Wollersheim; “J”=Jesse Prince):
L: [L. Ron Hubbard] got worse. He was incompetent before, now, they say that L. Ron Hubbard signed a will on the day before he died, yet [David Miscavige] say Hubbard was incompetent.

J: Another thing in my mind now. Norman Starkey knows how to perfectly forge L. Ron Hubbard’s signature.

L: Norman Starke knows how to perfectly forge... How do you know?

J: And so does David Miscavige because he showed me. He wrote his signature. David Miscavige wrote his signature. David Miscavige could write his signature perfectly.

L: They actually could do a perfect forgery of L. Ron Hubbard’s signature?

J: Yeah.

L: Do you know that they ever did forge L. Ron Hubbard’s signature?

J: He was showing me that he could, David Miscavige did mention to me that he had done it before.

L: He had forged L. Ron Hubbard’s signature. I guess what I’m asking, I’m hearing...

J: This was right around, or shortly after the probate thing, because... Now you’re reminding me of something. Let me talk. You are reminding me of a time when L. Ron Hubbard was supposed to sign something, I mentioned this in my declaration that David Miscavige was the person that could do the seals, the... what is it?

L: Notary.

J: Notary public, a notary public. He took all of that stuff. What he was showing me, telling me that if he had to go off to some place to get LRH to sign something was when he was telling me that he could write LRH’s signature, and showed me he could do it.

L: They claim that L. Ron Hubbard wrote a will the night before he died, changing all of his beneficiaries, changing his estate, and yet...
Here is a snapshot of a portion of one of the document I believe Jesse Prince is referring to in the interview:
Here are hyperlinks to four documents in which David Miscavige was “Notary”, and which bear L. Ron Hubbard's signature:

These documents are all dated May 1982, the year David Miscavige reportedly took over the management of the Church of Scientology. These documents were provided by the Church of Spiritual Technology to the IRS as part of its 1023 filing.

Side-by-side comparisons with other sources for LRH's signatures (fair use):

Here are some Yahoo results, Google results when one search images using "L. Ron Hubbard signature" keywords.

Mark Plummer, former Sea Org member, has archived online many of his correspondences with L. Ron Hubbard. In one of these correspondences, dated August 1982, he noted: “This is the first letter from 'Ron' that was not signed by a person; the signature had been rubber stamped by someone.” Many of the letters he received from LRH bear LRH's signature. Here are two samples, pre- and post- early 1982:

Posted on March 9, 2009. Updated March 14, 2009.